What is a Diploma? Where did the Tradition of Diplomas Come From?

what is a diploma

Everyone knows that a diploma is one of the most important documents you will receive within your lifetime, but where did the tradition of a diploma come from? What is diploma? And why exactly are they so valuable?

What is the history of diplomas?

A diploma has been around for centuries in many different forms and it’s origins can be traced back to when education was first being established as an integral part of society. It wasn’t until 1760 during The Age Of Enlightenment, however, that diplomas were given their truest form. This time period introduced enlightenment thinkers who believed people should have access to knowledge through schooling rather than through self-discovery or self-guided education. Because there needed to be a verification showing the completion of study; the idea of a diploma was established to give evidence in completing a course.

The literal meaning of the word diploma, from Greek, is double folded paper. There are several different words that translate to the certificate acquired at the end of education.  These words include diploma, certificate, degree, transcript and parchment.

What is a Diploma?

A diploma is the most common type of documentation given at the end of education because it represents an authority that confirms completion of study up to and beyond high school level. Diplomas are known to be official documents issued by academic institutions or government entities that give recognition for the successful fulfilment of requirements necessary in order to complete a specific course or program within one’s education journey.

Why is a diploma important?

Diplomas are commonly issued by high schools, colleges and universities. They also come in different shapes, sizes and designs which can be based on the institution’s tradition or culture as well as each student’s preference. The diploma is considered to be one of the most treasured pieces of paper because it represents years of hard work that has led up to this momentous occasion for students graduating from school. It is proof that you have completed your educational journey successfully with flying colors!

There are many real world cases in which you may need to prove that you have completed higher level education. The first, and most obvious reason, is when you are on the hunt for a new job.  A diploma can be used as proof of your qualifications and what you have achieved during the years that you spent at school. You can provide a copy of your diploma to potential employers or HR departments before, during or after the interview process to verify that you are skilled in the job which you are seeking.

Another reason you may want to have a diploma is to prove to customers or clients your educational background.  Many people see a diploma from college, graduate school or beyond as a symbol of competency, and may be more likely to hire or use your business based on your education experience.

There also may be times when proving higher level education can help protect yourself from fraud allegations. If someone accuses you of stealing or doing something else dishonestly and wants proof of how educated you truly are, a diploma would prove beyond any doubt that an individual has completed their studies. However, a diploma needs to match your age range because not all countries require them at certain ages but usually they do after 16 years old – depending on the country’s laws.

Diplomas are used in all countries around the world as one of the most important documents which display that a person has finished school with success and now he/she can start different employment opportunities. Diplomas will likely continue to prove useful well into the future.

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