Can an Unofficial Diploma Work for You?

An unofficial diploma can serve many purposes.

Most Americans graduate from high school, according to a US News and World report. A total of 17,857 ranked schools were examined, reporting graduation rates ranging from 72% to 95%. As a result of these statistics, it’s likely that you graduated high school. The question is, do you have a diploma to show for it? In certain situations, an unofficial diploma replacement may be a good option if you need a copy of your diploma. 

It may be that you have moved and are unable to locate your official diploma. There is also the possibility that your parents have kept the certificate and you no longer live nearby. No matter what the reason may be, you may be wondering how to obtain a replacement diploma. You can do this in a variety of ways! For more information about getting your diploma as soon as possible, check out our guide.

You can reach your high school’s administration

When you need to replace your diploma, you should contact your high school first. You can either request a copy directly from the school or you can be directed to the person who can assist you. 

The first thing you should do is check the website of your high school. Request forms may be available on their website if you want a copy of your diploma. Alternatively, you can contact the school by phone or email. Once you have this information, you can contact the school to ask about replacing a diploma. In some schools, this can be done within the school itself, while in others, you will be referred to a third party. 

A basic amount of information is required by most sources for this document. As a general rule, these include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Graduation date (or year)

There will probably be a processing fee after you sign the form. Costs usually range from $20 to $30. 

Make contact with your school district

Replacing a diploma quickly can be accomplished using the above instructions. However, not everyone can take advantage of this action. School closures can occur for a variety of reasons. Obtaining a copy of your diploma will require you to contact the school district if your high school closes. 

All students who attended school in a district’s zone have their records retained. Student records also include those from schools that have closed. As with the previous process, this one works very similarly. Call or email the school district first. In the next step, tell them that you need a copy of your high school diploma. 

You will need to fill out a form with the same information as before. The diploma copy should arrive in the mail within a reasonable time after you submit the application and pay the processing fee. 

Replace a diploma without going through the school

A diploma copy can usually be obtained from the institution where you graduated. You may, however, find that this process takes too long. Your school may not be able to provide you with a cheap diploma copy in a timely manner. To create a new diploma in these situations, consider using a diploma replacement service. You can provide input and information to companies like ValidGrad in order for them to create convincing diplomas. 

Employers usually accept these diplomas as proof of graduation. To verify your graduation, you can provide a copy of your transcript. In the event that you need to present a diploma quickly, you may want to consider an unofficial diploma. 

Do high schools offer unofficial diplomas?

It depends on the school’s policies and procedures. Some high schools may offer unofficial diplomas or certificates of completion to students who have completed a program but have not yet received their official diploma. These unofficial diplomas may be used for personal or non-official purposes, such as job applications or as a memento.

However, it’s important to note that an unofficial diploma or certificate is not equivalent to an official diploma or degree. An official diploma is usually issued by the university and is considered a legal document that verifies a student’s completion of a degree program from an accredited institution. It typically contains information such as the student’s name, degree earned, major, and date of graduation.

If you need an official document to prove your academic qualifications, you should contact the registrar’s office or academic affairs department to request an official transcript or diploma.

Can you order an unofficial diploma?

In some cases, it may be possible to order an unofficial diploma from a third-party vendor or from the institution that issued the official diploma. However, it’s important to note that an unofficial diploma does not hold the same weight or validity as an official diploma.

If you are looking to order an unofficial diploma for personal or non-official purposes, such as a souvenir or for display, you may be able to find options online from various third-party vendors or through the school’s official store or alumni association. However, it’s important to verify the authenticity of the vendor and the diploma itself, as some vendors may offer fake or fraudulent documents.

Whether you need an authentic replica of your real diploma or an unofficial diploma will meet your needs, you can find all options available to you online at Check out our inventory today, or contact customer service in the event that you don’t find the perfect diploma or transcript listed on our website.

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