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Name:Student Name
Student ID:1000762691
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Student City, AL 12345

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Student City, AL 12345

Reading:Complete ACT 20
Math:Complete ACT 23
Writing:Complete ACT 23
Academic Program History
02/12/2012:Active in Program
02/12/2016:Completed Program
Degrees Awarded
Confer Date:2016-12-17
Beginning of Undergraduate Program
2010 Spr
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ENGL 1301 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
HIST 1311 HISTORY OF U.S. 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
MATH 1302 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 3.000 3.000 C 6.000
PSYC 1315 INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
2010 Fall
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ACCT 2301 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING I 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
POLS 2311 GOVT OF U.S. 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 30.000 30.000 30.000 90.000
2011 Spr
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ENGL 2303 TOPICS IN LITERATURE 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
CSE 1301 COMPUTER LITERACY 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
GEOL 1425 EARTH SYSTEMS 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
HIST 1312 U.S. HISTORY SINCE 1865 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 45.000 45.000 45.000 135.000
2011 Fall
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ADVT 2337 INTRO TO ADVERTISING 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
GEOL 1426 EARTH HISTORY 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
POLS 2312 STATE & LOCAL GOVT 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
THEA 1342 THEATRE & FILM APPRECIATION 3.000 3.000 C 6.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 60.000 60.000 60.000 180.000
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How To Use Your ValidGrad Fake University Transcript Maker

Our certificate maker isn’t intended for illegal use. Using a fake university transcript fraudulently can be against the law. Our service is for graduates who:

  • Want to create a transcript to replace a lost or missing one
  • Want to avoid dealing with their administration for an official transcript
  • Wish to keep their transcripts in a safe place and use a replica instead

How It Works

You can make a copy of your university transcript in three easy steps. With our overnight express options, you can get your new copy in as fast as two days.

Step 1

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Designate signature placements on your transcript and provide any other order specifications. Then finalize your request, and your transcripts are ready to go.

The Importance of University Transcripts

Transcripts can be used in multiple ways. These documents help show you where you currently stand with your classes in your university career. Transcripts provide you with a GPA summary. GPA stands for “Grade Point Average” and is the average grade of all the courses you are taking combined into one score. Transcripts will provide a summary of your GPA by year, semester, and subject. You can also use transcripts to track the credits earned and use that information to know what remaining credits you have left. If you want to get online and build your fake university transcript, you can also choose from different grading scales like lettered or numbered grades.

Why Would You Need to Build a Fake University Transcript Sample

Applying for graduate schools, master’s programs, or even doctorate programs require a lot of documentation to support your application. Your university transcripts will be one of the essential pieces of documentation you will need along the process. These documents can also play a role if you want to study abroad and apply for jobs or internships. 


When applying for a graduate course or even a job, your transcripts help determine your quality and performance as a student. By analyzing your transcripts, school officials or potential employers can also guess your work ethic and whether it is good or bad. There are two different types of transcripts out there. 


Official transcripts will include your exam/testing credits, any transfer work you have completed, and any degrees you have earned along the way. These documents are usually mailed by your school or institution in a sealed envelope and will include the school’s official seal. Unofficial transcripts will consist of similar information to the official ones. However, there will be some missing information as well as the information stated is not as reliable as the official transcripts. These copies also will not include the university seal or any formal signatures by school officials. Our university transcript maker allows you to include all the information you have on your official document, with the exception of the official school seal and signatures.

The Limitations to Fake University Transcripts

So, you decided to build a fake university transcript sample and liked the quality of what you made. Unfortunately, there are limitations to how these fake university transcripts will appear and how they can be utilized. 


These limitations come from using online stores or vendors to order replica transcripts. Although these vendors are much more straightforward, less time-consuming, and cost less money, these replicas cannot be considered official copies, and the customer must be cautious about using them in that way. 


After you build a university transcript sample and decide to order a fake transcript online from a vendor, you will notice certain aspects of the replicas will not look the same as the official copies you once had. For example, any formal signatures included on the official documents will appear differently on the fake transcript. This is because vendors cannot forge signatures and, if they were to, could get charged with fraud and forgery. Additionally, vendors usually cannot provide exact copies of the school seal. If you build a fake transcript online, you will notice that the vendor will have a selection of generic seals to choose from. This also helps protect both the customer and the vendor from being charged with fraud. 


These replica transcripts are not meant to be used in place of official copies. You will find that most, if not all, online vendors will have a legal disclaimer stating that their replica transcripts should not be used for purposes like applying for schools or jobs. Ultimately this is the customer’s decision on how they want to use the replicas. However, there is a risk associated with using them in this way. The legal disclaimer serves as a warning to the customer and protection for the vendor if the customer chooses to act against that disclaimer.

How To Build a Fake University Transcript

You can find multiple online sources to build out fake transcripts with verification, like ValidGrad.com. We offer a simple University Transcript Maker that gives the customer a step-by-step experience of building their transcripts while providing a sample of their order along the way. You can choose from the type of grades you want to be shown on the transcripts, enter all of your personal information that would be included on official copies, and choose from a selection of different seal types to use on the replicas as well. If you decide to use ValidGrad’s Fake UniversityTranscript Maker, you will also have access to the support team if you find the process confusing or have questions about what the website offers.


Can You Make a Fake University Diploma Online?

Yes! Platforms like ValidGrad let users buy fake university degree certificates that can be used in many legal ways. You can hang your degree in multiple offices, laminate a replica instead of the real diploma, or create extra copies so you can place the real degree in a safe place.

Yes! Most Registrar’s Offices have long wait times and require lots of paperwork. Often times, people will use a fake for multiple offices or homes. Most people would rather not laminate their real diploma and choose to create a fake degree from a real university that they can hang on their wall.

It depends on the platform you are using. At ValidGrad, we offer a multitude of authentic-looking options in our fake diploma university degree generator.


You can choose from several seals that resemble the real thing, and even fonts to ensure you get the closest version of your university degree.

It depends on how you use that degree. For example, if you use a fake degree to impersonate a doctor, that could lead to horrible consequences for unsuspecting patients. Our fake university degree template is intended for replicating an existing degree. When you order a university degree replica from ValidGrad, you confirm that you do not intend on using their replica for any illegal reasons

You can, but you shouldn’t. Getting caught with a fake university degree by your employer could be bad for your career. And when you buy a fake university degree, you may not be qualified to perform the tasks required at your new job! ValidGrad’s fake university diploma template is intended for people who want replicas of their real university degree.

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