What is the Average Timeline to get a GED?

Exactly how long is the timeline to get a GED?

What is the average timeline to get a GED? Depending on how recently you attended school and what grade you completed, you might be able to pass the GED exam in just a few months after studying 2-3 times a week. Studying more can help you learn the information needed to pass the GED test subjects faster. Utilize a step-by-step checklist to determine the speed at which you want to complete the project.

GED tests cover four subject areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. If your goal is to obtain a GED certificate within the three month time frame, you have a couple of different options available to you: 

Option 1:

Take the GED test for a single subject after three weeks of study, then repeat for the next subject.

Benefit: Concentrate on just one topic and finish faster.

Option 2:

Spend three months studying all four topics, then take all four tests on the same day.

Benefit: Avoid traveling four times to your testing center if you have to drive a long way.

Whatever your goals are, you need to set one that works for you. Understand yourself and your situation realistically. You may need to give yourself a longer timeline to get a GED if you do not have much time to study.

A Sample Timeline to get a GED in 3-4 Months

For planning purposes, it will be helpful to know what the GED timeline looks like. A sample plan can help you get an idea of what your own process might look like:

The first month

  • Get Study Materials: Study guides and practice tests for social studies, language arts, mathematics, and science are available for download. Each subject has a practice test. Make sure you study the answer explanations thoroughly, writing down what you did well, what you didn’t know, and the reasons why certain answers were incorrect.
  • Keep your studies organized: Keep a binder with study guides, calendars, and notepaper. Ensure that you write down the results of your practice tests. List all the key ideas you need to study under each subject so you can check them off as you go.
  • Make a schedule of study times: Mark the exact dates and times of your upcoming study sessions in your calendar. Make sure they fit your schedule so you can stick to your prescribed study times. A 30-90 minute session is ideal.
  • Get Started Studying: Once you have completed these steps, use your scheduled study times for the remainder of the month.

In the event that you start studying and realize that your study schedule does not work for you, how can you adjust it? Make changes. Immediately. You should only use a plan if it meets your needs. Consider studying in different places, or at different times of day, or with a study partner or group.

Make adjustments to your schedule until it fits into your daily routine. Keep in mind you will need to stick with it for a few months, so it must be something you can live with.

During months 2 and 3

Change your study calendar when you need to, and keep using it. Use short study periods, such as 25 minutes, if you feel like you always procrastinate. 

Keep yourself motivated by studying with a group. When you do something with a group, it’s more fun. Make it fun and easy to maintain by trying different ideas and reading other study tips.

Maintain a record of your progress. Make sure you check off every big idea you master. Retake each practice test until you pass it. Suddenly realizing you can reduce your study time can be beneficial.

Fourth month of your timeline to get a GED

Month two might be the time you’re ready for your tests, or month four might be when you’re still taking practice tests. In either case, it’s great. Choose the learning method that works best for you. Taking the real tests should only be done when you’re completely confident that you’ve mastered the practice tests. 

Get a GED certificate in just a few days

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