Should You Get a Same Day Diploma?

Getting a same day diploma may not be the best bet for your replacement copy needs.

In spite of all the hard work and time you’ve put into acquiring your degree, accidents can happen. Your diploma may become lost or damaged as a result. The situation can feel stressful when you need a diploma copy quickly. A replacement diploma can take a month (or longer!) to receive if you go the traditional route of contacting your alma mater’s registrar. But does a same day diploma look authentic, or should you get one that takes just a couple more days?

Do you know what to do if you need a copy of your diploma quickly? In a short amount of time, you can create a realistic diploma copy by using an online diploma maker. One of the benefits of working with an online diploma maker is the rapid turnaround time (often within a week or two). Some even offer a same day diploma experience, but to get the best results you should consider a custom diploma maker like ValidGrad. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some scenarios in which you might need a diploma copy quickly. We will also discuss the advantages of working with a company such as this rather than your school.


You cannot use a replacement copy of a college diploma or high school diploma in fraud schemes, as this could have serious legal consequences, but you could benefit from using a copy in a number of situations. In time-sensitive situations, buying a diploma copy from a website can be helpful as long as you aren’t lying about your academic achievements. 

The original diploma you lost needs to be replaced

College diplomas and high school diplomas are often replaced because the originals are lost. A piece of paper that you might not need often can become difficult to keep track of with years, moves, and life changes. However, if your diploma disappears suddenly, you need a solution fast. 

A replacement diploma can be ordered from an online diploma maker and usually arrives within a few days. When you use a high-quality maker, you can expect realistic results while waiting for your university to finish your actual replacement diploma, which can take some time. 

Almost all employers and others who need to verify your academic status have access to electronic records of student matriculation and degrees awarded. Usually, a substitute diploma will suffice in situations where you need an original, since your degree can be easily verified. 

Your original has not yet been sent

It takes a while for spring graduates to receive their diplomas from their schools. It is possible for some graduates to wait a few months before receiving their diplomas. You might not receive your actual diploma until August even though you completed your degree in May. New graduates might face a dilemma when it comes to job interviews. A copy of your diploma is requested, but you do not have it yet. 

Your academic claims will be checked by most employers during a background check. The school you attended keeps an official record of your graduation and accomplishments, making it possible for employers to verify your degree. A diploma maker can provide you with a realistic-looking replacement diploma if you want to impress the interviewers. You can show people this diploma as a replacement as long as you do not misrepresent your academic accomplishments or degree specifications. 

It’s time for a gag gift

A fake degree can also be obtained for personal use. Even though high-quality diploma makers make authentic-looking diplomas, they can also be used for fun. A fake diploma can be a funny joke gift for a party if you need one fast. Adding text to the diploma is up to you. A rival school could be used, for example, or silly phrases could be used. The more authentic looking the diploma looks, the funnier it would be. Using a reputable degree maker instead of a same day diploma provider will guarantee the giggles as your friend opens the gift. 

A same day diploma is needed for a play or film

Fake diplomas can also be used in performance situations. You may have trouble finding a realistic diploma as a prop if you are performing a play or making a film. As a prop, you should not use your original diploma, as that could easily lead to its loss or damage. When your deadline looms near and you haven’t been able to find a realistic prop, you will need a quick solution. 

Online diploma makers can customize diplomas based on your specifications so that they fit your storyline. You should also consider making an online diploma if you want to get a diploma that looks authentic for a specific school or university instead of buying a real one. People will point out any inaccuracies in the school name or design immediately if you do any close-up shots of the diploma.

Display purposes require extra copies

For display purposes, diploma copies are also needed for personal reasons. Having degrees on the wall can be important for establishing authority within an industry, establishing trust with clients, or showing necessary credentials. 

Extra copies of your diploma are ideal if you need to display it in more than one place, don’t want to keep the originals in a public place, or would like to display them at home. Ordering a diploma from an online store is the best option if you need to move into your new office soon and need a copy immediately. You can get a diploma copy that is worthy of framing quickly from them, and will look better than any same day diploma you could create on your own. 

The document is considered one-of-a-kind by some universities, so multiple copies are not permitted. You’ll only be eligible for a replacement diploma if it is lost, damaged, or contains incorrect information. Stanford University, for instance, has strict guidelines and procedures regarding the replacement of diplomas, in order to prevent identity theft. 

Since diplomas are important documents, many people prefer to keep their original diplomas safe from damage or theft than to display them publicly. You can keep your original diploma safe by displaying copies at your workplace or business.

A diploma copy may be needed for many reasons. You can get a copy of your diploma quickly from an online diploma maker, regardless of whether you need a copy for personal reasons or if you need it as a gift or performance. Compared to going to your university for a replacement, ValidGrad offers realistic results and fast service. We can provide you with an authentic-looking copy of either a high school diploma or a college diploma if you’re interested. Diploma copies designed by our team are a reflection of the care and attention to detail that goes into their creation.

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