Do Replica Diplomas Work?: FAQs

do replacement diplomas work

Replacement diplomas are a hot-button topic. What is the point of having a replica diploma? Can you use it in the same ways as a real one? Where do you get them from?

We often get asked when you are legally allowed to use a replacement diploma, and when it is wrong and may get you into big trouble. Here are some of the most frequent use cases we get asked about, and the answer to those frequently asked questions.

1. Is it legal to purchase any replica diploma or novelty transcript?

In a word, yes. There are no laws or ordinances regulating whether or not you can purchase or own a replacement diploma or novelty transcript. There are many reasons why someone may want to have a replica diploma throughout their lifetime, and as long as you don’t use the document in a prohibited way it isn’t a problem at all.

2. Can you use a replacement diploma to replace a lost or missing high school diploma or college diploma?

Of course. Having a high school or college diploma to hang on your wall is a truly nostalgic piece. Many people can look upon their degrees and recall the good times that they had while in school, but that is tough to do if you have no idea where your original diploma is located. You can certainly replace a missing diploma by contacting the registrar at your school, but that can often take time and money.

There are many great replica degree companies out there, like ValidGrad, that can make duplicates of your original diploma down to the school name and the seal that verifies completion. These replicas can often be delivered to your house in just a few days and for a much lower price than through your school. Purchasing one of these diplomas to hang on your wall and evoke nice memories is completely fine.

3. Should you use a replacement diploma to get a job?

No. If you are caught with a replica degree, it can ruin your career and chances of future employment.

It’s never a bad idea to have an extra copy of your diploma in case you lose or break one, but does giving a novelty degree at the wrong time hurt more than it helps? Faking out potential employers might not be worth the risk.

A job application should always lead with honesty and if they find out that what is presented isn’t genuine then you could potentially be fired from your position, or worse.

Using a inauthentic diploma is usually figured out by the employer. During an interview, they may ask questions experienced people would know and if you’re unable to answer them then it can be suspicious- especially with current day technology at our disposal! Many employers do research before proceeding into the interviewing process; this way everything about your authenticity will become clear as well as your true qualifications.

4. What if I use a replacement diploma to get a position that requires certifications I don’t have?

There are a number of situations in which performing services with a replica diploma is illegal. For example, if you’re not qualified but use credentials to charge higher fees than necessary for your work then it’s fraud – punishable by law!

A person who practices dentistry without meeting all requirements could find themselves facing jail time or fines up on felony charges depending how severe the fraud is proven to be as well as whether they hurt anyone during treatment.

5. Can a novelty diploma be used as a prop?

Sure. When a replacement diploma is used as a prop, it can be completely legal. For example in theatre productions where they’re using them for scenes and not trying to pass anything off as real-life credentials – that’s totally cool because no one is fraudulently promoting themselves! The only time you might run into trouble with this kind of thing would happen if someone tried taking one of the props and passing the document as an actual piece awarded by the school… then there should really be no issue.

6. Can a diploma be a confidence boost?

Absolutely! At ValidGrad we often hear of customers using a novelty diploma as motivation or an addition to a vision board of where they want to go in their lives. A novelty diploma can be a physical manifestation of the path a person wants to travel, and may be able to represent a goal until it can be replaced by the real deal after lots of hard work.

There are certainly many ways in which you can legally and morally use an authentic-looking replacement diploma like the ones made by ValidGrad. There are also some ways in which it is wrong or illegal to trick people using a diploma that you didn’t earn. If you have any further questions about your specific situation, and whether or not you can use a replacement diploma, please get in touch and ask one of our sales associates.

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