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ValidGrad has become one of the most respected names in replacement diplomas available on the internet. Recently, we have expanded our product line to include a number of replacement certifications that are commonly used to obtain more than just a job, but instead a career. In this blog post we will detail 12 certifications that are now available through our replacement certifications service. 

HHA Certificate

The curriculum of a home health aide certificate program covers basic medical care, patient care, emergency response, medical terminology, healthcare supervision, patient support, and home maintenance. There are different certification programs and requirements in each state. The training requirements vary from state to state, with some requiring 75 hours and others 120 hours. This time will teach you how to administer medications properly, prepare healthy foods, and assist patients with their personal hygiene, regardless of the number of hours needed for certification in your state. In addition, you will learn to take vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse.

HVAC Replacement Certifications

The HVAC certification process involves more than just completing a level of education. A HVAC license is required to work as an HVAC contractor, but it’s not the only education you need. You can obtain HVAC certification by demonstrating a certain level of expertise or knowledge in a specific area, or by taking additional coursework in the field.  

It is necessary to obtain a certificate in HVAC training before obtaining your HVAC certification. Several accredited vocational colleges offer programs that you can complete in less than a year that provide both coursework and apprenticeships. As part of this program, you will learn about topics such as air conditioning technology, refrigeration systems, the EPA’s regulations, HVAC troubleshooting, green technology, etc.

CNA Certificate

As the primary caregivers on the healthcare team, Certified Nurse Aides play a crucial role. Dressing, bathing, and taking medication are just a few of the daily tasks they assist patients with. A Certified Nurse Aides, or CNA, is also referred to as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Along with doctors and nurses, they work in hospitals and assisted living facilities.

Most states require you to start a CNA training program when you are 18 years old in order to receive a CNA certificate. An associate’s degree or high school diploma is not required for nurse aides. Criminal convictions will prevent trainees from practicing as CNAs. The next step is to find CNA classes that are accredited. There is a list of approved in-service education programs approved by the Health and Human Services department for nurse aides. There must be a total of 100 hours of training in each program, including 60 classroom hours and 40 hours of hands-on training. Community colleges, trade schools, and the American Red Cross offer most of these programs. 

CDA Certificate

A CDA is an Associate in Child Development. In early childhood education, the Child Development Associate Credential is well known and highly valued. The program allows early childhood educators to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and practices when teaching young children. The CDA Credential is not only a critical part of advancing in early childhood education, but it is also an essential resource when entering the field.

Educators seeking to enter the field of early childhood education are required to attain a core set of standards for the Child Development Associate Credential. Furthermore, it is an essential component of becoming a qualified, exceptional teacher to young children, as well as a valuable part of professional development.

Those earning their CDA certification have mastered the certification standards and understand why these learned practices will help children move smoothly from one developmental stage to another. A Child Development Associate is knowledgeable about every aspect of a child’s development, including their emotional, social, physical, and intellectual stages, and wants to help them achieve their full potential.

CDL Replacement Certifications

Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) require a greater level of knowledge, experience, skills, and physical abilities compared to non-commercial vehicles. A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) applicant must pass both skills and knowledge tests geared toward these higher standards. The standard of performance for CDL holders is also higher when they operate motor vehicles on public roads. A CDL holder’s ability to maintain their certification may be affected by serious traffic violations.

It is a big responsibility to drive a commercial motor vehicle. Knowledge and skills are required. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) must be obtained through the state in which the driver resides (two licenses from different states are illegal). Furthermore, if any of the following vehicles will be driven by you or your company drivers, special endorsements may be required:

  • Trucks with double or triple trailers
  • A tanker truck
  • Hazardous material trucks
  • Vehicles for passengers

ASE Replacement Certifications

ASE, or Automotive Service Excellence Certificate, was established in order to protect consumers, automotive technicians, and shop owners. Before hiring or scheduling service, shop owners and consumers can gauge the expertise level of technicians through testing and certification. The ASE certification is a mark of technical proficiency for service technicians.

The ASE certification test must be passed by technicians and they must have two years of on-the-job training (or two years of college and one year of on-the-job training).

Tests administered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence can be challenging. The average test-taker passes on their first attempt two out of three times. Professionals who want to maintain their certification must retest every five years to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest automotive technology.

Teaching Certificate

Teaching certificates indicate that you have met all state standards and requirements to become a certified teacher. In Michigan, for instance, teaching certificates are used in the same way as licenses or licensures. To become a Michigan Department of Education certified teacher, you must earn a teaching certificate.

Teaching without a certificate or license is possible in some circumstances, but meeting state requirements has its advantages. To begin with, knowing what your state requires is an essential part of professionalism. By obtaining a certificate/license, you demonstrate that you’ve met the requirements for teaching in your state. Having been certified/licensed to teach in your state will allow you to lead your classroom with confidence. Teachers with state endorsements as certified/licensed educators are paid better in some schools and districts.

Dental Assistant Replacement Certifications

A certified dental assistant (CDA) performs essential dental and oral healthcare functions for dental practitioners and their patients. Dentists supervise dental assistants under the direct supervision of dental hygienists. Associated with the American Dental Assistants Association, dental assisting is an essential part of dental teams. Dental Assisting is a multifaceted role which requires a balance of skills including a basic understanding of the oral cavity, efficiency, and acumen in clerical duties, promoting oral health, hands-on practicality to assist dental teams, and a supportive personality to reassure patients.

Medical Assistant Certificate

A certified medical assistant is a medical assistant who has completed training and met certification requirements. Passing a certification exam and graduating from an accredited medical assistant program are generally required for this process. 

It is important to note that there are several different types of certifications available for medical assistants, but certified medical assistants generally refer to those who have received the CMA certification from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

Phlebotomy Certificate

Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood from patients or donors for medicinal purposes. The procedures are being overseen by a phlebotomist, a person authorized to perform them. Certification is necessary for phlebotomy to be performed.

The kind of phlebotomy certification you want depends on your specialization. In order to earn each certification, you must meet certain requirements such as training hours, paths, etc.

Therapist Replacement Certification

A therapist is a licensed professional who provides therapy to clients in their state. Typically, therapy involves focusing on talk therapy to gain insight into the client’s current feelings, behaviors, or traumas. A therapist typically specializes in a particular field, such as marriage and family therapy. It is common for therapists to hold a master’s degree, while some even pursue a doctorate. The state in which a therapist intends to practice must license them if they advertise their practice as “psychotherapy.” It is not uncommon for licensed therapists to practice specific types of counseling.

Nursing Certificate

Nursing certificates allow nurses to demonstrate their occupational expertise and develop their professional knowledge. Several organizations offer certificates through programs that offer specializations and comprehensive exams for testing your competencies. Nurses interested in specializing should be aware of the certification options and the requirements for obtaining them.

Regardless of what type of replacement certification you are interested in obtaining, rest assured that you will receive the highest quality from ValidGrad. Check out the specifics of our replacement certificates here.

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