The Truth About Phony Diplomas

Phony diplomas can be very useful when you don't have a legitimate copy.

Diplomas are among the most special things in life. The more diplomas you have, the more respect you earn from people around you and potential employers. Whether you studied for your ‘A’ in all your classes or just had fun, a diploma will help you remember your high school years. However, not everyone experiences high school in such a positive way. Life happens, and people sometimes end up leaving school without diplomas; it can ruin their high school experience. A phony diploma may be obtained later in life by people who had to leave school.

The fake diploma allows them to keep something they can hold as a reminder of their time in high school. This can also be used to gain people’s trust and respect. It is likely that they already have demonstrated that they know everything you learn in high school – they just need to demonstrate it.

Here are some tips on how to get and use phony diplomas!


The majority of people assume that getting a fake diploma is illegal and that they may be arrested as a result. It simply isn’t true. Phony diplomas can be created, purchased, and owned legally.

In spite of this, using a fake diploma for something can lead to legal issues. Fake diploma owners can earn a bad reputation because of these legal complications. Remember that just because your diploma is fake, the knowledge you have isn’t.

Despite what the law may claim, you are more than your diploma. Below you will find more information about phony diplomas and the legal issues involved.

It’s OK to produce and own phony diplomas

The sale and creation of fake diplomas aren’t automatically criminal offenses. The only thing they’re doing is buying a fancy piece of paper with their name on it. People often frame objects, or use them as props for movies – this isn’t a crime.


False diplomas are not necessarily obtained in order to deceive someone. There are times when diplomas are lost or people are insecure about their education level. Even if they never intend to use the fake diploma beyond showing their friends, getting a fake diploma may boost their confidence.

Read on to learn how people legally and illegally use fake diplomas.

Keeping memories alive by replacing old diplomas

Even though diplomas are valuable, they are still just pieces of paper. That’s just what they do. It is usually possible to replace a lost diploma by notifying the alma mater or requesting one through the district office.

However, sometimes schools close and records are lost as well. You may have difficulty getting an authentic copy of your diploma when that happens. You may feel as if you have lost a symbol of your glory days.

In this case, people replace their diploma with a fake one. Then they can still reminisce about high school without having to go through the hassle of getting another diploma.

Props for movies 

Open video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or even Twitch have led to a new generation of amateur filmmakers. In order to realize their visions, these people use a wide variety of tools. To make those visions believable, props are needed.

A fake diploma may be used as a prop in a YouTube video or even an official film.

Reputation Boosting

A high school student who experiences hardship may never graduate, regardless of how much they know. In addition to missing too many tests, they may also have difficulty finding a way to go to school regularly. It is common for these people to feel insecure about not graduating as they get older.

By claiming to have gone to high school, they can feel more comfortable around others. Using a fake diploma in this way is totally legal because it isn’t used for official purposes. Still, going back for a GED might be a better option.


Faking a high school diploma may seem like the perfect solution to whatever problem you are facing. There are some people who think that they can use it to fool others and gain a better position in life by doing so. Nevertheless, it will be based on a lie. It won’t last long.

It is not the case with all phony diplomas, however. Because they’re mostly used for truly honorable purposes, they’re totally legal to produce and buy. You can shop with us here if you need one right now. For whatever purpose you need diplomas, ValidGrad produces some of the highest quality diplomas available.

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