5 Reasons you Need a PDF Diploma

A pdf diploma may be right for you if you need a diploma fast.

As covid continues to reshape work and education after the pandemic, there are many schools that are beginning to issue a PDF diploma instead of or in addition to parchment. According to Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers use social media to search for jobs. Nearly 85% of organizations recruit via social media, with another 9% planning to do so. With everything going digital, issuing your degree in PDF format makes sense in terms of practicality.

Why the rise in the PDF diploma? 

Recruiters can now see your resume, diplomas, and credentials on websites like LinkedIn and Indeed. Post-pandemic, when many employees prefer to work from home and their office may be in a different state, it’s far more practical to have a PDF (also called a soft copy) of your diploma that can be viewed from anywhere.

By Fall 2020, 75 percent (11.8 million) of all undergraduate students took at least one distance education course, and 44 percent (7.0 million) exclusively took distance education courses.

At the end of the day, however, it is a cheaper option for the school, easier to archive, and apparently uncomplicated when it comes to issuing students’ diplomas. Cost and convenience are the two most important factors for most things in life.

How Do People Use Fake Diploma PDFs?

What about fake PDF diplomas, do they work? The answer is, yes and no. While fake parchment diplomas have been used for years, with the rise in PDF diplomas there has likewise been a rise in companies that provide fake pdf diplomas, like ValidGrad.

Fake diploma PDFs are used for a variety of reasons. These are some of the ways in which soft copies of diplomas can be used:

A PDF diploma before printing

It may be necessary to have a copy of a diploma on hand when applying for a job. If you are in the process of being officially hired, employers and human resource officers will likely request hard copies of your employment certificates and police background checks as well as diplomas. Your original high school diploma will not be required by all employers. If you do not have a hard copy of your diploma, a PDF can be used instead.

Attached as a soft copy

Other parties, such as employers, may require soft copies as proof of education. It is quite common for people to have hard copies that need to be scanned and emailed.

Fake diploma PDFs come in handy when times like these arise. If you have a soft copy of your diploma, you would not have to have it scanned. It simplifies the process of emailing an application.

As an additional form of identification

Perhaps it seems silly to think that a record of academic achievement can serve as an ID. In fact, a diploma can be a useful addition to your ID. You can use your fake diploma PDF along with your other pieces of identification. 

If you lose your wallet – where most of your ID is stored – a PDF of your diploma will come in handy. You can view PDFs on your phone using its PDF viewer. Simply put, a fake high school diploma PDF is a diploma in your pocket! 

As a personal record

Keeping personal records requires a lot of space. Moreover, storing personal records does not guarantee that you will have them for a long time; they can still be lost.  You may need to accept this as a necessary evil. Let’s face it – a diploma is one of those documents you don’t always need to carry with you. The possession of it is still crucial. Getting a PDF of your diplomas as soft copies eliminates the possibility of losing them. 

In the interim, as a “substitute” diploma

Perhaps you are awaiting a copy of your diploma from your school. It may take some time to receive if you live in another state. In the meantime, you can present your PDF if you are asked for your diploma. 

Please note that it may not be a complete replacement of the original copy. At the very least, showing a PDF of your diploma can reassure the institution or employer that you are not faking your graduation – so long as you submit your original as soon as possible.

PDF diploma or parchment

Whether you are a high school graduate or a 4 year college student, ValidGrad can provide you with the diploma format you need.

Alternatively, ValidGrad can print on heavy-stock diploma parchment, with gold foil seals and details, replica layout of your school’s diploma design, custom diploma holders, and more to display your achievements in your home or office.

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