5 Steps: How to Order High School Diploma Online

how to order high school diploma online

Getting a high school diploma is an important step in the lifelong journey of high school graduates. But sometimes, high school diplomas are lost or misplaced over time, making it difficult for people to show their high school accomplishments professionally. Fortunately, there’s now a solution! There are many companies that allow you to order high school diplomas online. In this article, we’re going to cover five easy steps for ordering your high-school diploma from one of these companies and displaying it proudly on your wall!

1. Check your high school diploma maker options

It seems that every day there are new options for diploma makers online, but not all replacement high school diplomas are created equal.  Some high school diploma companies offer only one or two styles of high-school diplomas, while others have a wide variety. This is an important factor to consider when choosing the company you’re going to purchase your replacement high school diploma from because it will affect how well this document presents your accomplishments.

If you want a traditional high-school look for your new high school diploma, go with a company that offers old-style high school diplomas. If you prefer something more modern and sleek, choose a high school degree maker that has contemporary designs available. Your choice here should be based on what looks best in your home! In most cases, these options are clearly displayed on each supplier’s website so there shouldn’t be any difficulty finding the right style for your needs.

2. Look for a diploma maker you can trust

When it comes to high school diplomas, you want something that looks good and is accurate. When making the decision on which online source you should order your high school diploma from, make sure you choose a source that isn’t afraid to answer questions and back up their claims with evidence. Do not be afraid to ask for a sample document before placing your order. Reputable high school diploma companies will happily provide one so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t request one if they don’t offer them on their website! They’ll also be happy to answer any other questions or concerns you might have. This makes ordering from top high schools degree makers even simpler because all of your queries can be answered by real people instead of automated messages. 

3. Get the details right

Earlier in this post, we discussed the importance of picking a high school diploma look that fits your style, but many customers of online diploma makers are looking to exactly replicate their missing diploma. In order to make sure that a replica high school diploma looks exactly like your original, you need to make sure that the diploma maker you are considering offers options that replicate the details of your original diploma.  

If any details from your past diplomas have been forgotten over time, there are a couple of ways you can jog your memory. First, you could ask a former classmate or a friend who graduated from the same school to show you their diploma. Details you may want to record when looking at a friend’s high school diploma are the color of the paper, distinguishing characteristics like the seal, and the order in which important details like name, date and school are recorded. Another option to consider if you aren’t in touch with anyone from high school is to look at the website of the school you attended. Sometimes there will be pictures online of the diploma presented from the school. Finally, you could look back at old pictures of your graduation day to see if there are any of you holding your high school diploma that may jog your memory about what your original certificate looked like.


4. Make sure the diploma maker you have chosen offers the details you need on your high school diploma

Once you have determined what your replacement diploma should look like, take some time to look over the website of the diploma maker you are considering to see if they offer the features that you need. Look for things like the type of paper you want, the state seal of the state where you attended high school, the right type of print for important components like the school name. It is important when recreating a document to pay attention to the smallest details. Most online diploma makers have a feature where you can create your own diploma by filling in the details that are specific to you (name of school, your name, date of graduation, etc.).

5. Get exactly what you ordered every time

After you’ve chosen your high school degree maker and designed your high school diploma with their software or online tools, getting exactly what you want requires two steps: following the directions given to ensure proper formatting and then double-checking everything after it has been sent out to confirm no mistakes were made during the design process. 

 In order to get the best replica high school diploma, don’t rush through this step because you will likely regret it down the line when you receive a diploma that looks nothing like your missing document. Before ordering, pay special attention to each part of the preview diploma and if the diploma site you are using doesn’t offer a preview, or doesn’t offer any of the features you need to create a good copy of your original it is probably best to consider another diploma maker. 

While ordering your high school diplomas online may seem like something simple there are actually many things that need careful consideration before purchasing one of these replicas copies. We, at ValidGrad, recommend that you follow these five easy steps so that you can end up with the best possible product available.

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