4 Reasons Not to Use an Online Diploma Maker

online diploma maker

Over the last few years, there have been a few online graphic design programs that have released products that claim to help you generate a diploma in only a few clicks. To someone in the market for a replacement degree, using a generator that can have the document ready to print on their home computer in only a few minutes may seem enticing. The problem is, however, that these types of programs are free or low cost for a reason, and the product they provide is far inferior to those offered by a reputable diploma maker. Here are four reasons why you should choose a diploma maker company like ValidGrad instead of a DIY online graphic design tool. 

1. Only a few templates

When these online diploma generators advertise that they have unlimited templates, they are certainly exaggerating the scope of their abilities. Most that we have researched only have a few ready made options for the look of the diploma that you are not able to change or customize. If the diploma you are hoping to replicate or replace happens to look exactly like one of the ready made templates, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you, but from our experience most universities include some unique details or identifying characteristics that would not be available in one of these online programs. 

In contrast, if you order from a reputable online diploma maker company, the sky’s the limit where customizations are concerned. You can replicate colors, styles, fonts, emblems and much much more to create a document that is truly an authentic replication of the original. 

2. Limited data entry

Most online diploma maker programs only allow you to fill a few fields with personal information to make it appear as though the degree is authentic. You may have access to name and graduation date, but you wouldn’t be able to customize aspects like a very specific major offered by your university, or change the name of the Dean who would have signed off on your degree. Some diploma generation companies are able to customize down to the last detail depending on the product you select. You can work directly with a designer to make sure that the diploma you receive is essentially an exact replica of an actual degree awarded by the school. 

3. Online diploma maker sites make you do the printing

As anyone who has ever held a diploma knows, the paper that a college or even high school degree is printed on is extremely special and specific. The weight and style of the paper is specific to the institution and can be very hard to come by in the open market. A replica diploma from an online diploma maker can be easily spotted if it is printed on standard copy paper or even cardstock. In order for a replacement diploma to look realistic, it needs to be created on the highest quality cardstock or vellum, as that is what most universities use. 

Many diploma maker companies have entire teams constantly researching the details of diplomas from universities all over the US so that each and every detail is correct. This is not limited to only the information included on the diploma, but also includes the very paper it is printed on. Businesses like ValidGrad that specialize in replicating graduation documents take the time to make sure that the type of paper an authentic diploma from any given institution is the same type of paper used when printing your degree. 

4. DIY can lead to major errors

We have all seen the HGTV shows where homeowners think they can remodel their kitchen all on their own but inadvertently end up with a result that is worse than the original. The same can be said for people who try to DIY a replica degree using an online diploma maker template. There is no available support or customer service to answer design questions. Any typos or errors will not be discovered by customer support personnel. The only thing worse than having no diploma to show for your hard work in school is having a messed up replacement that can easily be determined as such by friends, family and co-workers. 

There are many ways in which you could acquire a new diploma in today’s market. Some of them lately seem too good to be true; cheap (or free), easily accessible and simple to use. The reason they seem hard to believe is because online diploma maker template programs are. By paying a slightly higher price, you can replicate your diploma perfectly and not have to put so much work and effort into the process yourself. Simply upload your personal details and the details of your alma mater, and in a matter of a few days ValidGrad will send you a diploma that will fool even the most discerning eye.

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