The Truth About Your Online Degrees

Have no fear, online degrees are just as respected by employers as traditional diplomas.

One of the most significant milestones in a person’s life is graduating from college. With it, you will be able to achieve your life goals. You should therefore take great care to preserve and protect your college degree. More and more online universities are popping up all the time, and many people wonder if an online degree is as valuable as a more traditional diploma. In this article, we will discuss whether or not an online degree is worthwhile and detail how you can get a replacement of your diploma if you lose it. 

It is important to note that, regardless of the empirical data, students may still be skeptical about the value of an online degree compared to an on-campus degree. What are hiring managers really thinking?

For holders of online degrees, the news is good:

  • Online learning is considered equal to or better than more traditional learning methods by 61 percent of HR leaders.
  • In the last 12 months, 71 percent of organizations hired a job candidate with an online degree.
  • Most advanced degrees will be completed online in the future, according to 52 percent of respondents.
  • Online education, enabled by technology, will ultimately outperform traditional face-to-face learning, according to 33 percent of respondents.

There are, however, some differences between online degrees. Employers will view your credentials differently depending on where you received your online degree.

The Employer’s Perspective on Online Degrees

Eighty-three percent of business leaders believe an online degree at a “well-known” institution has the same value as an on-campus degree. The value of your degree may be diminished if they aren’t familiar with your school or the institution isn’t known for producing graduates who are prepared for the workplace. A majority of hiring managers (58%) “believe that an institution’s brand and reputation is the main driver of a credential’s value, regardless of whether or not it was earned online.”

A school that offers both traditional, on-site coursework and online courses will also be more likely to attract employers. Online degrees from brick-and-mortar schools are viewed as favorable by 92 percent of employers, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), while only 42 percent would consider a candidate with an online degree from a university that operates exclusively online, despite being accredited. The majority of employers assume that brick-and-mortar institutions devote the same amount of time and attention to developing online courses as they do to physical classroom courses. 

Obtaining a replacement online degree

Despite our best efforts, we cannot protect our precious documents from unfortunate occurrences, such as fires, floods, and mold or household pests. College degrees are easily replaceable, which is a good thing. The following are some essentials you should know about replacement degrees.

It may be that you need to attend a job interview, so you cannot wait until you receive your online college degree by mail. Yours may have been lost during a move. In either case, you need to replace it as soon as possible. You can get a replacement degree in two ways:

1. You can contact the college’s administration

Students’ records and transcripts are managed by the registrar at your online college. In addition to providing copies of degrees and transcripts, they also provide assistance for students in need of copies or replacements. Get in touch with the registrar as soon as possible using the contact information provided on your college’s website. It is likely that you will be charged a fee for replacing the item.

2. Replacement degrees can be obtained online through legitimate companies

You can get copies of your lost diplomas online through replacement diploma companies. It can take a while for your online diploma to be sent to you as a replacement. You can save yourself time and money by using a replacement company instead of canceling job interviews.

These companies also provide fake degrees for film and photo shoot props – or even as gag gifts. It is possible to replace your online diploma with a digitized or hard copy from an online replacement degree company. Whether it’s a high school diploma, a university degree, or a work certificate, these companies replace documents lost or damaged.

How can I get a replacement transcript for my school online?

You can request and pay for a copy of your transcript from your online college if you have lost or damaged it. To obtain copies of their university documents in a faster, more convenient manner, many people instead turn to online replacement diploma and transcript companies.

When you get a fake degree, you have to ensure that it is for a legitimate reason, like a job interview or as a prop for a movie.

You can now replace your lost, damaged, or damaged diplomas through online replacement diploma companies, and get the job you’ve always wanted. Have no fear that the online diploma you worked hard for and completed will be just as valuable to your future employer. Visit ValidGrad today to learn more about these services!

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