FAQ: Uses and Legality of Novelty Transcripts

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As a diploma and transcript making company, we often get questions regarding the transcripts that you can order from ValidGrad. Many people order replica transcripts for different reasons, but the most common reason is to be able to get a job. Some people just want to change their name on their resume or social security card, and novelty transcripts can also help with that too. If you’re wondering if replica transcripts are legal, then you’re not alone! It’s important to know that no matter what type of novelty transcript you order from us it is 100% legal as long as they are being used for personal use only. Since many of the questions we get around here are very similar, we thought we would put together another frequently asked questions post regarding the uses and legality of the type of GED, high school or college transcript you can order from ValidGrad.

What is included on a transcript?

First things first, most people aren’t really sure what type of information is included on a transcript. Here is the list of what you will find on an official transcript:

– Student’s name and degree earned. For transcripts, this may be different information or it may be the same if you are ordering a duplicate of your original transcript.

– Academic honors (such as Dean’s List) if applicable to your program of study. Again, for replica transcripts none would apply.

– Cumulative GPA or grade point average which is a number that indicates how well or poorly you did on all of the classes you took while either in high school or college.

– A complete list of all of the classes taken during your education broken down by semester as well as the grade received in each.

All of the transcripts we create at ValidGrad contain all of the standard information available on a traditional transcript. There are other elements that may be included on the transcript of a specific institution such as a logo or emblem, an embossed seal, or a transcript key printed on the back. Each of these elements can be included in a novelty transcript from ValidGrad. We are happy to include any custom details you request, to make sure that the transcript you order from us is as close as possible to the real document.

2. What do you need a transcript for?

Most people don’t realize that they will need a copy of the high school or college transcript until someone asks to see it, but there are a few times when you may need to have a copy of a transcript. Perhaps the most common is when you are in the final stages of applying for a new job. Most employers now, especially those that require you to hold a college degree for the position, will ask to see a copy of your transcript to prove that you completed all of your courses in college. Another time when you may need to provide a high school or GED transcript, or possibly one from university is when you are applying for another school or continuing education program. Before you can be accepted into most higher level courses, you must first prove that you have finished earlier coursework or any prerequisites that are necessary.

3. Is it legal to buy a novelty transcript?

In a word, yes.

There are many types of transcripts that you can purchase online. While it may be illegal in some states to use these types transcripts, or even possess one with the intent on using it for fraudulent purposes, most cases of novelty transcripts fall under freedom of speech laws. If your state does not have any specific legislation against the possession and/or usage of an inauthentic transcript, then you are perfectly within your rights to buy one and have it delivered. We don’t recommend breaking any fraud laws with the transcript that you order from us here at ValidGrad.

4. Are the transcripts from ValidGrad printed on special paper?

Once you go through the transcript making process on our website you will see a digital version of what your completed transcript will look like. Once you are happy with the details of the transcript, and you complete your purchase, we will print your transcript on high quality paper so that it will replicate the look of a genuine transcript. Our products are high quality reproductions, and though there may be small differences such as the signature or the seal (which we can’t exactly duplicate for legal reasons) the look and feel of the transcript will be very close to an authentic transcript.

5. What kind of coursework is included on the novelty transcript?

Our production department monitors the standard coursework for a variety of degree and majors from all different parts of the country. While it is possible that his list may not match specific classes taken at particular high schools, universities or colleges most of the courses taken will have a similar name. Each class listed is common to your specific area of study. In most cases, customers find this list acceptable since the classes match close enough. An example of differences may be us writing “History 101” and a school calling the same course “American History”. We work very hard to stay up to date on the courses required to graduate with a specific degree, and we are confident you will be happy with the coursework represented on our transcripts.

Before purchasing a novelty transcript, just like with any other important purchase, it is always a good idea to do your due diligence and ask questions. You want to make sure that the product you are ordering fits your needs. At ValidGrad, our customer service team is excellent so if there are any additional questions you have that weren’t answered in this post please feel free to reach out before ordering. We want to make sure that the transcript you get is exactly what you were hoping for.

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