Novelty Diplomas and Transcripts

novelty diplomas and transcripts

‍Are you looking for a unique gift for your friends or family members? Novelty diplomas and transcripts are perfect for those who want to make a joke without actually lying. Or do you want to surprise your partner with a novelty degree for a night of romantic fun?

Novelty diplomas and transcripts can be good for novelty purposes, but you should also be aware of the consequences of doing so. If you’re thinking about buying novelty degrees and transcripts, here are a few things you need to know.

What Is a Novelty Diploma or Transcript?

A novelty diploma is a document that appears to be an authentic piece of paper from a school or college. However, in reality, it’s not real. A novelty transcript is similar to a diploma, but it doesn’t have the same information on it. Novelty degrees and transcripts can be purchased for novelty purposes or as gag gifts for friends and family members.

Why Buy a Novelty Degree?

People buy novelty diplomas and transcripts for a variety of reasons, but most people buy them for novelty purposes or as gag gifts.

Things to Consider When Buying a Novelty Diploma

Before you buy a novelty diploma, be aware of what your intentions are. A simple novelty paper is a joke or gag gift and should have no consequences.

However, if you are using the diploma to show that you have been educated in an area like psychology, then you are committing fraud and could face legal consequences. Novelty diplomas that seem real can easily be used as a ploy for employment or other purposes.

Is It Legal to Buy a Novelty Diploma?

Absolutely. But using it for fraudulent purposes is not. So you wouldn’t want to use your novelty diploma or transcript to try and ascertain employment, for example.

Final Words: Is Buying a Novelty Diploma Worth It?

Buying a novelty diploma is a great idea for novelty purposes, such as gag gifts or for people who want to trick their friends. However, be aware that some companies sell novelty diplomas and transcripts as serious documents and charge a lot of money for them. Only buy from a reputable company that makes it clear to not use novelty documents as the real thing—like ValidGrad. Make sure you read all the information about the company before agreeing to buy anything from them. Some companies might also require you to take an entrance exam in order to receive your novelty degree. So don’t forget to think about these factors when deciding if buying a novelty diploma is worth it.

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