Novelty Degree Certificates

novelty degree certificate

Do you know someone who’s always hinting at the possibility of them becoming a lawyer one day? Maybe they’re not sure yet, but they’re interested in pursuing law as a possible career path. Maybe it’s more of a gag gift. There are many ways you could use a novelty degree certificate.

Here, you’ll discover some great uses for novelty diplomas and certificates. You’ll also discover the best gag gifts to give to people who have hinted at the possibility of them becoming a lawyer one day. So without any further ado, let’s get started with these great uses for novelty diplomas, degrees and replacement degree certificates.

Serve as a Decoration

Have you ever seen a degree on someone’s wall? Perhaps it was hanging above their fireplace or near the kitchen sink. It might have been given to them by a friend or family member, or maybe they bought it themselves for decoration. The point is that replacement degrees serve as decoration just like any other art piece.

Give a Novelty Degree as a Prank

Novelty degrees and certificates are great for pranks. You can give them to someone because they’ve been hinting at the possibility of them becoming a lawyer one day, or you can give them to a friend because they deserve to have a better sense of humour about themselves. No matter your reason for giving a gag gift, there is no need to feel guilty about it.

Create a Gag Gift

Creating a gag gift is one of the most popular uses for novelty degree certificates. If you know someone who’s always wanted to be a lawyer, you can create a law degree certificate for them as a joke for their birthday or Christmas.

Prove to Your Friend They Can Be a Lawyer

Maybe it’s more practical joke than gag gift, but you could use a novelty diploma to show your friend that they can be a lawyer. All you have to do is get your friend a novelty degree certificate from the law school of their choice.

Tell them you found their dream school and help them put it on the wall. When they come home from work one day, they will see their dream school on the wall—and they’ll have the confidence that they can be a lawyer after all.

The best part about this prank is that there are so many different law schools to choose from, so you’ll never run out of options!

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