How to Change Your Name on Your Diploma

name on your diploma

It is a proud day when you get the opportunity to hang a beautifully framed diploma on the wall in your office. At some point though, you may find that the diploma you hang on your wall may have  a different name than the one you use professionally. Whether you have gotten married, divorced, transitioned, or just decided you didn’t love the name you were given it can be difficult to display your academic accomplishments if your name has changed. So what should you do if you need to change your name on a diploma?

How to Change the Name on Your College Diploma

If you want to change your name on your college diploma, you must notify the registrar’s office. The registrar will send you a new diploma within six weeks. You may need to fax your documents or visit in person to change your name. The registrar will verify that your name is correct before issuing the new diploma.

The name on your diploma needs to match your legal first and last name on file with the University. It also needs to match the name on your student file. After graduation, you can change your student file name as well. In order to change your name on your diploma, all of the documentation with the university must remain the same.

You can request a name change via most universities online systems. However, you must also deliver the completed form to the Registrar’s Office. It is important to note that if you’re going abroad for graduate school, you should match the name on your college diploma with your passport. If the names do not match, international governments will refuse to accept your diploma.

You may also want to consider putting your preferred or chosen name on your formal documents. This will avoid problems later. It will not affect your official student records, but it will change the name on your college diploma for printing purposes. 

How Should You Change the Name on Your High School Diploma?

If you’d like to change the name on your high school diploma, the first step is to contact the registrar of your high school. You can do this by mailing your request, faxing it, or going into the office in person. Make sure you have the right documents and indicate how you’d like your new name to appear on the diploma.

It’s important to note that the name on your diploma must match your legal first and last names on file with the state. This is because international governments don’t accept diplomas that do not match the names on a student’s passport. It’s also important to note that you have until the day of your degree conferral to change your name on your diploma.

Name change on your diploma is not easy and can be a complicated process. Depending on the institution, the process may differ, and you may need to provide additional documents. The documents that you’ll need vary depending on the institution, and you should prepare for a 6-12 week waiting period. In the meantime, you should gather all documents that relate to your name change and make three photocopies of the originals.

If your name isn’t legal, you can always get your diploma changed, but it’s not recommended. Most professional schools and federal jobs require that you use your legal name. If you don’t, your application may be rejected or delayed, or even require additional proof of identification.

How to Change Your Name on a Professional Certificate

If you want to change your name on a professional certificate, you will have to follow a few steps. First, you will have to submit a name change request. This can be done in person, by mail, or by fax. The process can take six to twelve weeks. After you submit the request, it will be checked by the registrar to ensure that the name on the certificate is correct. If the registrar detects an error, they can fix it without additional fees.

The process of changing your name on a professional certificate is very similar to the process of changing your name legally. The first step is to submit a form with your local notary to explain why you want to change your name. 

Some people change their name because they’ve married, while others do so because their original name is too long or difficult to pronounce. In other cases, you may want to change your name if you have transitioned to another gender, and would like your academic records to reflect your true identity. 

There is an easier way. You can order a replacement certificate from a company like ValidGrad, that reflects all of the details from your original diploma but with your new preferred name. Check out our diploma maker for all of the options we offer.

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