Easy Ways to Make a Fake Transcript

Make a fake transcript with a program like ValidGrad.

There are risks involved in fabricating a transcript. There are several ways to create a fake college transcript, but we only recommend it if you have lost the original and need one urgently. Make a new transcript at your own risk if you want to change some grades or make a new transcript from scratch.

As we will show in this article, creating a fake transcript isn’t foolproof and could get you into trouble if you aren’t careful. Having cleared that up, let’s begin!

Using an online service to make a fake transcript

Several online services allow users to create fake transcripts via their web apps. On websites like Validgrad, users can create customized transcripts based on a template that can be further edited to look authentic. It allows you to change everything on the transcript, right down to the university logo or emblem. Your grades and subjects can also be edited.

One caveat, however, is that none of it is free. A physical copy of your fake transcript can be ordered once you’ve made all the necessary adjustments and edits. As a plus, you get an authentic-looking transcript with all the bells and whistles of an actual transcript, including a seal that looks authentic. 

Using photo editing software

Some of the most popular photo editing software is Photoshop, Gimp, and Illustrator. Moreover, all these programs are capable of editing or creating a variety of photos. Whether you are creating a transcript from scratch or are using a template, they are probably your best option.

To make your transcript look authentic, we recommend starting with a template. The next step is to edit your details, grades, credit hours, subjects, and so on, once you have found a template that suits your needs.

You can use the transcript of your college friend as a starting point. Your own personal information and grades would need to be substituted in that case.

Using a digital copy to make a fake transcript

You can use your photo, pdf, or docx image as an unofficial transcript if you’ve misplaced your transcript but have a digital image (photo, pdf). It is important to disclose that the transcript is a copy, which is obvious if you print it on plain paper.

One of the most reliable methods is this one. When you apply to another college or a job, you only need to submit a copy of your transcript, not the original. You won’t have to worry about anything if the information on your copy is true.

Since diploma forgeries are common, professionals keep a close watch. Making a fake transcript is a little risky. Nevertheless, we understand. Sometimes things happen. When you lose your transcript, it can be extremely frustrating, and applying for a replacement often takes months when you can’t wait that long.

If faking is your only option, then the methods we’ve listed should help you temporarily; however, they shouldn’t be relied upon indefinitely. Obtaining an authentic replacement transcript may prevent unwanted repercussions in the future.

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