Is Losing your College Diploma a Problem?

Losing your college diploma can be a real problem when you are searching for a job.

It is estimated that  most, about 60 percent, of students require a diploma for their first job after college. How could you replace your college diploma if you lost it while looking for work?

For proof of your credentials, you can always use your college transcripts. However, you may want to hang your diploma on your wall so you can look at it every day and feel proud. A diploma represents a lot of hard work and money. How do you deal with losing your college diploma? Here’s what you need to know.

Contacting The Institute

You can replace your diploma by contacting the college you attended, though it is a time-consuming process.

To get started, follow these steps:

1. Contact the Registrar’s Office at The College

To find out if a replacement is available, visit your institution’s website and contact the registrar.

A sworn affidavit confirming the loss of the diploma is usually required. A damaged one may need to be presented as proof if you want it to be replaced. The insurance claim can also be provided if your home was damaged by floods or fire. If you need transcripts urgently, we’ll provide them.

2. If you have lost your college diploma, place an order for a replacement

The majority of colleges require a written request for the replacement in order to prevent identity theft. On the registrar’s office website, you can usually find the replacement form in PDF format. Registrars at your alma mater should receive it by mail after you print it, fill it out by hand, and send it to them.

As proof of identity, you must attach your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or social security number. Be sure to attach a notarized copy of the Letter of Appointment of Executor or Power of Attorney that allows you to replace the diploma.

The shipping and printing of your new diploma are usually your responsibility. Schools and diploma types charge different printing fees.

3. The New Diploma Process

Depending on the institution and the type of diploma, you may need to wait six to ten weeks to receive a new diploma.

Once your diploma is ready, it will be sent to you. You should keep in mind that the new diploma may not be an exact replica of your old one. It will be signed by current faculty members.

As An Alternative, You Can Get A Replica Diploma

As a general rule, you will need to follow these three steps when attending a college. However, your institution may have different terms and conditions. A job search can be adversely affected if it takes more than three months. Depending on the circumstances, some institutions may not replace your diploma at all.

If you don’t want to deal with the lengthy process of contacting the school’s registrar, buying a fake diploma can be a viable option. We guarantee you’ll receive the diploma within a much shorter period of time.

There is not much complexity to the process. Choosing a reputable online diploma maker and paying the agreed price are all you need to do. In case you aren’t satisfied with the final product, make sure your contact site offers a refund policy.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about getting into legal trouble. It is legal to obtain a replica diploma. While this service can be used to fake grades and other credentials, it is not recommended that you use it for that purpose.

In order to ensure compliance with the law, replica diploma makers do not use the real names of the executives on the original diploma. As an alternative, they use their own household names and authentic signatures. As for the rest of the details, such as embossed details, they are also crafted in the same way as the original diplomas.

Don’t let losing your college diploma ruin your life

You shouldn’t have to worry about losing your college diploma! Replica diplomas can give you some peace of mind. Please provide ValidGrad with an image of your diploma if you require a replacement.

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