How to Get Diploma From Closed School

how to get diploma from closed school

Believe it or not, the school you attended in your youth isn’t a constant. There are times when both colleges and high schools end up closing. What does the end of an educational institution mean for your diploma? Many graduates have been forced to ask themselves this same question in the wake of a struggling economy as more and more colleges, universities and high schools are forced to shut their doors for good.

How to Get Diploma From Closed School

Because there are so many schools that are being forced to close, former students are concerned that they will not be able to get a copy of the degree they received through hard work and perseverance if they find that they need a replacement diploma. This is because, over the past few years, hundreds of colleges and universities have consolidated and/or completely closed. As a result, many of these schools’ former students are seeking novelty degrees, or replacement diplomas, to visually stand-in for real diplomas they once acquired.

Why get a replacement diploma?

There are many reasons someone may consider a replacement degree instead of the real thing. You may want a duplicate copy, or to give a replica to someone as a special gift or memento, but the reason we will focus on today has to do with the closure or consolidation of the school you attended. People get replacement diplomas because their college or university is consolidated or closed. Thus, their school no longer has copies of their actual diplomas.

The prospect of ordering a high-quality replica diploma online has only become a possibility over the last few years based on advancements in technology and ease of communication. Lucky for those whose educational institutions went belly up. Most colleges and universities that have closed their doors have done so because of increased regulation, falling enrollment or financial pressure.

Increased regulation refers to the increase in rules and financial obligations put on colleges and universities. Failing enrollment refers to the number of students enrolling in some of these for-profit schools decreasing. These issues began in 2016. This was when Obama took away federal recognition as one of the most popular for-profit school accreditors. This accreditor is ACICS. The Obama administration and US congress removed the power of this accreditor because many for-profit schools accredited by ACICS had misrepresentation issues and poor student outcomes.  ACICS oversaw approximately 250 colleges. It was also the accreditor of two of the largest for-profit education chains. These chains are ITT and Corinthians Colleges. Taking away ACICS’s power had a huge impact on the United State’s higher education industry.  

Small liberal arts colleges also had an effect on the United State’s higher education industry. This is because they are also consolidating and closing at higher rates than normal lately. This is a result of these colleges’ small sizes, declining enrollment rates, and lessening revenues.

The declining college-age demographic in America plays a factor in declining college enrollment rates. The strengthening economy and higher rates of unemployment play a role as well. This is because more people are finding good jobs that pay enough for them not to go back to school.

Some larger universities and colleges are even consolidating and merging into one entity with other schools. Larger schools do this to sometimes help smaller schools. Other times, larger schools do this to also accommodate declining enrollment rates.

With all these universities and colleges closing their doors, it has made it nearly impossible for former students to get a copy of their diplomas. As a result, novelty degrees are becoming more and more popular.

How To Get A Novelty Degree

You spent all of the time and money to earn a degree, but because your college or high school is now out of business you can’t obtain a copy of your diploma. There are options for you in the marketplace in the form of replica or novelty degrees that can take the place of the certificate you actually earned. Keep in mind that to legally acquire and use a replica degree you must have completed the coursework required for the diploma otherwise, you will be committing fraud.

To buy a replacement diploma from a closed down for-profit school, you must first pick a replacement diploma producing website. You also then have to give the website your name, the name of the school you graduated from, your graduation date(s), and any other necessary degree details. Once you provide all of the pertinent information to a website like ValidGrad you should receive a replacement diploma very quickly.

It can be very disappointing to find that you need to have a copy of the diploma you earned, but that the school you went to no longer exists. Fortunately, you live in an era when getting your hands on an authentic novelty degree is possible, and all hope isn’t lost. You worked so hard and you should be able to represent your achievement to family, friends and prospective employers.

If you find yourself in need of a replacement diploma, but have additional questions or need help ordering please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department for assistance with your order.

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