How to Get a GED Certificate in 3 Easy Steps: Here’s the Fastest Way

How to Get a GED Certificate

Do you want to get a GED? Is it something that you’ve been wanting for years but just haven’t found the time or money to do so? Or maybe you’re looking at getting your GED because it’s necessary in order to find a better job. Whatever the case, this is an article that will give you all of the information that you need about how to go about getting your GED certificate as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

If you are looking into obtaining a GED certificate, some of the most important questions you may be asking yourself are:

– What’s the fastest way to get a GED? You can read more about this in section one.

– Are there any special requirements you need for your test? Find out what they are and if you meet them in section two of this article.

– How much does it cost? Get an overview of how much money is required for getting a GED certificate by reading through sections three of this article.

GED certificate by ValidGrad

Fastest GED Certificate

There are a couple of options available to you for acquiring a GED certification in a timely manner. First, you can look into paid tests which are offered on a weekly basis all over the United States. Unlike college entrance tests like the SAT or ACT (which prescribe to a very strict schedule) the GED is offered regularly at testing centers in every state so that more people have access to the test and can receive their results quickly. There are also GED tests offered at public libraries on occasion, and most of these tests are given free of charge as a service to the public. Getting scheduled for one of these tests can be a bit harder as you may imagine because the conventional test costs around $60 per trial so spots for free tests often fill up quickly.

Taking the test and getting results within a week is quite a speedy timeline, but that assumes that you are prepared to take and pass the test with no guidance or studying. The GED is a four part test which covers all of the major parts of a general education, reading, math, science and social studies. Most online sources say that if you have relatively good reading comprehension, it shouldn’t be a problem to pass the reading, science and social studies tests without intensive preparation. The math test could be a different story though. When trying to determine how quickly you could obtain a GED certificate, you may need to factor in training courses that are available both online and in person. Most courses range from 2 weeks to seven weeks or more and can be quite costly. The purpose of each of these testing preparation programs is to prepare you to take and pass the test so that you can get your GED certificate, but none offer a guarantee that you will end up with the certification.

Another option for getting a GED certificate quickly is to order one from an online source like ValidGrad. Because a certificate from ValidGrad is a replica, and isn’t based on taking or passing a certification test, it can be printed and shipped in just a few days. There are even options for expedited shipping if you need a certificate even quicker. All you need to do is share some personal information like your name, address and birthdate and you will have an authentic looking GED certificate before you know it.

Special Requirements for GED Certification

In order to get a GED you have to meet certain work and educational requirements.

The four tests that make up the test for GED certification are: language arts, social studies, science and mathematics. If you want to be able to take all of the exams in one sitting it is best if you know them ahead of time but they can also be taken individually at different times. You can also retake any test that you don’t pass the first time as long as there is a six month waiting period between each exam. In addition to knowing these subjects well enough to pass an official test most people who earn their GED need some help with other things like completing high school or finding employment after finishing their coursework which makes having a job readiness certificate especially helpful when looking for future positions.

The cost of a GED certificate

The monetary price of taking all of the tests to obtain a GED varies by state and you can expect to pay anywhere from $80-100 for the entire process.

The GED test, or General Educational Development exam is a comprehensive measure of adult basic education knowledge that consists of four tests: reading , writing, mathematics and social studies . Each section lasts 90 minutes long with two short breaks in between each one. The whole thing will take about seven hours total but it’s possible to complete them all in less than three if necessary like when taking this test over multiple days. For the most part, taking the test in more than one sitting isn’t recommended because your performance on some questions depends on what comes before it so doing everything at once makes more sense.

The price of the test doesn’t in fact guarantee that you receive a GED certificate, because if you don’t pass the test on the first try then you may have to make multiple payments until you have successfully completed all of the tests. Alternatively, you could pay a smaller amount ($60) and quickly receive a replica GED certificate in the mail, without the hassle of studying, scheduling or taking a test.

If you are serious about receiving a GED certificate quickly, then you need to weigh all of your options and determine which route is best for you. You could schedule a test, study all of the material associated with a high school education, pay the fees involved and sit for a 7 hour exam in the hopes of obtaining a GED certificate. Or, you could input some personal information into a diplomaker’s system, pay a small amount, and have a GED certificate in your hands in just a few days. Take time to consider the best option for you, your lifestyle and your financial situation.

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