How to Get a Replacement Diploma on The Internet

how to get a replacement diploma

There are many reasons why you may need to buy a replacement diploma from an internet source; you lost the original, your parents would like to display a copy of your accomplishment, the months you have to wait to get your diploma is just too long, and many more. But not all online retailers are created equal. There are several markers that you should look out for when in the market for a replica diploma so that you receive the most authentic possible replacement.

Compare the replacement to an original

One of the best ways to ensure that your replacement diploma is as close to authentic as possible is to compare it to the real deal. If you are in the market for a duplicate copy of your original diploma for display or to give to a loved one, you can easily compare aspects of the original to an online mock up before ordering. You may be ordering a replica because your original college or high school diploma is misplaced or hasn’t arrived yet. In that case, consider friends or family who may have the same alma mater as you. By looking at an existing diploma, you can easily determine if the novelty diploma will be a good representation of the degree you earned.

Make sure high quality materials are used for your replacement diploma

One common factor of all original diplomas is the quality of paper on which they are printed. Such an important document can’t be presented on ordinary printer paper, but instead is often printed on high-quality parchment paper. If you are interested in a replacement diploma that looks authentic, you should determine what type of paper they use to print their product.

Another consideration of authenticity to think about when replacing your degree is to make sure that all the colors, logos, seals and identifying information is consistent from your new degree to the older one. Some companies that can provide a replacement diploma simply use the same form regardless of school or university, and the only information changed is the name of the school and the recipient. The best replicas take into account the school colors of the institution you graduated from, as well as details like the state seal and the logo of the institution. All of these things need to be correct for the diploma to look real hanging on your wall.


Make sure you are choosing the right company to provide your replacement diploma

There are many companies online that offer replacement and replica diplomas, degrees and even transcripts, but they are not all created equal. Performing a little research and due diligence can result in the best possible results.

First, make sure the company you are considering has good reviews online. Don’t be a guinea pig, let those who have gone before you help you to make an informed decision. Check out the companies that have the best reviews to see if they fit your needs.

Look into their shipping times and rates. It is easy to determine how much the replacement diploma itself will cost, but when looking online often shipping can dramatically increase the price tag of a purchase, as I’m sure you well know. Make sure you read the fine print, and know exactly how quickly a document that you purchase will take to be created and shipped, as well as how much that shipping will cost. These factors may make a huge difference between two or more top-rated companies.

Take some time to ask additional questions. The customer service department at any retail business is important to a good customer experience. If you are having any questions about how replacement diplomas are printed, processed or delivered don’t hesitate to reach out to your top choices of company. If you find that you are not happy with the customer service at the replacement diploma company prior to purchase, it is unlikely that you will find them helpful after you have completed the buying process.

Overall, the best way to find a quality replacement diploma is to do your research to find the highest quality product produced by the best company. Though there are many options on the internet, ValidGrad is a company that values high standards and great customer care. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

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