A Replacement High School or College Transcript Easy as 1-2-3

Getting a new high school and college transcript can be easy.

It comes as a surprise to many people that even though they are done with their educational journey, they aren’t done with a need for documentation. Universities and companies usually require your school transcript when you are applying for college or a job. In the event that you have lost or misplaced your original high school or college transcript, it can be a struggle to acquire a replacement – especially if you need it right away.

Replacing your transcript can be done by contacting your school or through a third party. For high school or college students or alumni who need a replacement transcript or a copy, here are some essentials to know.

When do you need an official transcript?

The following situations require a transcript if you are a student:

  • College applications
  • School transfer applications
  • Academic prizes/honors
  • Scholarships
  • Summer jobs
  • Research/study opportunities
  • Internships

Transcripts are crucial for graduates in the following situations:

  • Graduate school applications
  • Housing applications
  • Job applications

A high school or college transcript can be official or unofficial.

Transcripts bearing the seal and signature of the registrar are official. In addition, they provide information on the student’s academic background and degree. Depending on the transcript, awards may be recorded as well as academic probation and honor code violations. It is also necessary to process payments for official school transcripts.

Unofficial transcripts are online versions of high school and college transcripts. In addition to grades and credits, they include information about the student. There is no seal or signature on an unofficial transcript, nor does it include the student’s full degree information.

An Unofficial Copy May Be All You Need

Transcripts can be used to determine whether coursework or grades meet the prerequisites required by colleges, programs, or jobs.

Colleges and employers rarely accept unofficial transcripts. These documents may, however, be sufficient in other circumstances. Depending on the circumstances, you’ll need a different kind of transcript for a college application or job application.

Replacement High School or College Transcript Copies Are Available Here

In the event of an unfortunate incident such as a fire, flood, mold, or pest infestation, school transcripts may be lost or destroyed. If you are interested in obtaining a replacement transcript, you can refer to the transcript policy on your school’s website or contact the registrar directly. The official transcript process takes longer than an unofficial transcript.

During the wait for the official transcript replacement, you can get a fake transcript from a third party like ValidGrad if you need it for a summer job or an application for a job in a sought-after company.

The company ValidGrad specializes in providing secure transcripts and diplomas for personal and educational purposes. Our fake transcripts and college degrees can also be used as props, gag gifts, or extra copies.

We will mail you a replacement transcript for a reasonable fee plus shipping costs, so you can start applying for colleges or jobs immediately. A quality replacement transcript can be obtained in no time; there is no long waiting period for fake transcripts. Check out ValidGrad’s homepage to learn more about the services we offer.

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