High School Equivalency Diploma or GED: What’s best for you?

Getting your high school equivalency diploma can vastly improve your employement prospects.

For those who are thinking about or have already dropped out of high school, there are various ways to acquire credentials that are equivalent to a high school diploma. An alternative to a GED or a standard high school diploma is a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED).

It is however important that you know what a High School Equivalency Diploma is before diving into the details. You must also understand how you can obtain one, and whether it is the best option for you.

Exactly what is a High School Equivalency Diploma?

A High School Equivalency Diploma is comparable to a conventional high school diploma, even if you drop out of high school. High school diplomas are required for most professional jobs. A HSED program will most likely benefit your career, therefore it is worth enrolling in one.


High School Equivalency Diplomas are preferred by employers, colleges, and some branches of the military over GEDs because HSED standards are more rigorous. The HSED might be a little harder to obtain than the GED due to the requirements for coursework and exams. 

What Are the Benefits of Getting a High School Equivalency Diploma?

A HSED is an excellent option for students without a regular high school diploma. Additionally, it will provide you with additional opportunities for employment and education because the majority of businesses and universities recognize it as an alternative for a high school diploma.

When it comes to the debate over High School Equivalency Diplomas vs GEDs, you should know that the HSED is regarded as a more authentic document in most cases. GEDs show that you’ve passed an exam, whereas HSEDs show you’ve passed a test and completed additional coursework. Even if both credentials are nearly identical, this remains true.

There is no difference theoretically between this diploma and a standard high school diploma. In reality, most businesses and universities prefer conventional credentials. If you still have the opportunity to return to high school and finish your coursework, that is probably the best option above either a GED or HSED. Most states allow you to do this if you’re under 20.

Because it shows you were able to endure through lengthy tasks. As opposed to only being able to pass a test and fulfill a few additional criteria, a conventional high school diploma is more highly recognized. The best alternative to returning to high school is still a High School Equivalency Diploma, if that isn’t a possibility for you.

High School Equivalency Requirements

Some states require you to take the HiSET or High School Equivalency Test in order to receive your diploma.

There are two languages available for the HiSET, English and Spanish. Accommodations for test takers with disabilities can be made on request. The HiSET is offered in California, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

For high school equivalency diplomas online in states without HiSET, you must pass the General Educational Development (GED) exam first. There are four topics covered in this test: Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

In the Science portion, there are two short answer questions. One essay question is in Reading and Language Arts, and one is in Social Studies. All other questions are multiple choice.

Textual analysis and specialized mathematics and writing skills were added to the test’s curriculum in 2014. Both the GED and HiSET are administered online rather than on paper.

High School Equivalency Diploma certificates differ from GED certificates because they require a few additional prerequisites. A high school diploma includes not only passing a core academic exam like the HiSET or GED, but also meeting standards in health, civic literacy, and employment skills.

It is possible to fulfill the health and civics requirements by passing two untimed exams, earning 0.5 Health credits and 3 Social Studies credits, or taking 30-hour courses on each topic.

Are there any other exams?

If you present a high school transcript as proof of your credits, you won’t need to take additional exams or classes. In order to meet the employability skills criteria, you must write a résumé and take a career planning course.

Obtaining a High School Equivalency Diploma online requires different qualifications depending on the state. You must be 16 years old to take the GED or HiSET. A minimum age of 17 is required in certain areas. Furthermore, you cannot be a high school student at this time and must comply with your state’s requirements regarding the length of time since you attended a traditional high school..

High School Equivalency Diploma: How to Get One?

Below are three ways to obtain HSED:

Option 1

In order to obtain a High School Equivalency Diploma, a person must be 18 years of age or older on September 1 of the current school year, lack the credits required for a High School Diploma, have been absent from school for a minimum of 10 months, and submit an application to the principal of a community senior high school.

In order to qualify, candidates must show their principal proof that they have earned 60 credits through classroom instruction at an approved school or other organization.

Option 2

An individual who is at least 18 years old will receive a High School Equivalency Diploma. A minimum standard score of 450 or higher on each of the five tests in the General Educational Development (GED) exam is required, as well as not having attended school for at least ten months.

Option 3

The best alternative if you have exhausted all your options to obtain HSED is certainly to purchase an online copy of a high quality High School Equivalency Diploma. In light of this, we recommend ValidGrad to all our readers who are looking for the best quality High School Equivalency Diploma copy.

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