Can You Get Your High School Diploma Quickly?

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Are you wondering how to obtain a copy of your high school diploma quickly? You may need your diploma for a job or college application, but you do not have your original copy. It’s important to keep a copy of your high school diploma on hand for a variety of reasons.

In this guide, we will walk you through each step you need to take to get a copy of your high school diploma, whether you graduated recently or years ago. 

Is it necessary to have a copy of your high school diploma?

You can think of a high school diploma as proof that you graduated high school and (hopefully!) possess all the knowledge and skills that come along with that achievement. Diplomas show where you attended school, your graduation date, and awards or honors you earned.

A copy of your high school diploma may be required by many places so that they can verify that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to do certain jobs or further your education.

In order to ensure that you meet the school’s education requirements, some colleges and technical schools require a copy of your high school diploma. A transcript is all most colleges require, but some may also want a copy of your diploma. While each college decides what they require in their application, online schools are often more likely to ask for your diploma since they won’t meet you in person and want to make sure you are qualified.

Additionally, some jobs may require you to submit a copy of your high school diploma when you apply to verify that you have the education you claim and have the skills or knowledge required.

Some people may simply want a high school diploma for their own personal use, or because their mom wants to display a copy. 

It is common for high school graduates to receive a copy of their diploma shortly after graduation; however, you may not have received one or you may have misplaced it for some reason.

Here are two possibilities. Follow the guidelines for the one that most closely describes your situation to find out how to request and receive your high school diploma. 

The first scenario is that you know the contact information for your high school

Your high school should be able to provide you with a copy of your diploma if you have their contact information (email address, phone number, or physical address).

To begin with, contact your school to ask about getting a copy of your high school diploma. The school’s main office should be able to direct you if you aren’t sure who to speak to.

It is usually pretty straightforward to get a copy of your diploma after you contact your school. A copy of your ID or your date of birth or social security number may be required to prove your identity. For a copy of your diploma, you may have to pay a small fee (usually a few dollars).

Getting your high school diploma quickly is just a matter of reaching out if you know the contact information of your alma mater.

The second scenario is when you cannot contact your school or if it has been closed down

There are likely multiple ways to contact your school, including a website, email address, phone number, and physical address. It may be necessary to try another method of getting your diploma if you’re unable to contact your school. You may also find this to be the case if your high school has closed. Your former school district or the education department for the state where your high school is or was located is typically the best place to start in this situation.

Those who attended public high schools should contact the district office of the district that your school used to be a part of. Find your district’s contact information by searching “school district [your school’s district number] [state you live in]. The results should include a phone number and an e-mail address for the district. The National Center for Education Statistics website also allows you to search for your school district.

Next, you will need to contact the district and explain that you want to get a copy of your high school diploma. There should still be student records for each high school that was part of the district, and they should be able to provide you with a copy of your diploma.

In the event that you cannot find your school’s district, if the district no longer exists, or if you attended a private school, contact the Department of Education in your state. It is likely that the Department of Education will have records of your current and past high schools, and they will be able to connect you with someone who can assist you in getting your diploma. Make sure to provide them with your name, the name of your high school, the location of your school, and the year that you graduated.

On the National Center for Education Statistics’ page for private schools, you can also search for your private high school’s records and contact information. Upon entering some details about your school, the site should be able to retrieve contact information. There may be ways to contact your school directly or contact information for a place that stores student records.  

Is it necessary to seal the diploma?

You may occasionally be asked to send a sealed copy of your diploma to a school or employer. Normally, your diploma will be enclosed in a sealed envelope that is stamped or otherwise marked with your school’s seal or stamp. Be sure not to open the envelope in which a sealed copy is received before sending it! The diploma will no longer be considered sealed and may not satisfy the requirements of the school or employer.

No matter whether the diploma is sealed or unsealed, it will look exactly the same. Diplomas are sealed to ensure authenticity and prevent tampering. A sealed diploma is normally required by places that want to make sure that the diplomas applicants send them are genuine.

When ordering your copy, be sure to mention that a sealed diploma is required. Sealing your diploma is usually not a problem for your school, though there may be an additional fee.

In addition to getting a sealed copy of your diploma, you should request a regular copy as well so that you have a copy you can keep. 

If you can’t get your high school diploma quickly, what should you do?

Trying all the above steps and still not getting your diploma?

You may not be able to get your diploma because you were unable to contact your high school. Try all methods of contact before proceeding with this section: search for your school online, ask former classmates if they know how to contact the school, and even visit the school if it is still open if you are nearby.

If you absolutely cannot get a copy of your diploma and need one to apply to a job or school, you should talk directly to a person involved in the hiring or admissions process to figure out what your options are.

One possibility for getting a replacement high school diploma quickly is to order a replica from a company like ValidGrad. We offer quality documents that can easily replace your original diploma for a reasonable price. Our replacement high school diplomas come printed on high quality papers to mimic genuine documents. In addition, you can customize all of the information of the diploma so that it reflects your accomplishment and looks exactly like the original. 

A high school diploma is proof that you graduated from high school, and you may need to provide a copy of it in order to apply to certain jobs or schools. Whether you are able to contact your school for a replacement or need to order an authentic diploma from ValidGrad, be sure you always have a copy of your diploma on hand whenever the need arises.

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