What Does A High School Diploma Look Like?

what does a high school diploma look like

A high school diploma is a document that certifies you as someone who has completed their high school education. The diploma, which is abbreviated as “Degree” on the document, is often seen as a rite of passage in the United States. Students are granted the right to vote and are considered adults at age 18 with this certificate.

In order to earn your high school degree, you have to complete an education that includes three main parts: credits, standards, and courses. A credit is a unit by which educational requirements are measured and can also be known as a course or unit.

Standards refer to academic expectations that students need to meet in order to graduate from high school. Courses are the classes you take for each individual grade level, like 6th-grade math or 10th-grade English. A course can also be known as a subject area such as History or Science, for example.

What does a high school diploma look like? The following lists some of the items that make up a traditional degree:

The End of School Year:

The end of the school year is not the end of your high school diploma. There are other sections that make up a diploma.

Name of School:

This is the official name of the school from which you are graduating. Below is often a seal of approval showing that you graduated.

Your Name:

Self-explanatory. This section displays your name to verify who the diploma belongs to.

Completion Address:

Here, there is an announcement that states you satisfactorily completed the required courses to graduate from high school.

What Does a High School Equivalency Look Like?

A high school equivalency diploma is nearly identical to a conventional high school diploma. The only difference is that an official high school isn’t mentioned. All of the other information is displayed according to the person achieving the certificate of completion.

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