Get a High School Diploma: It’s Never Too Late

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It’s never too late to get your high school diploma. We all know that high school is a time of transition, and it can be hard to focus on getting the credits you need for graduation when there are so many other things going on in life. But these inspiring stories about people who finally received their diplomas years after they were meant to graduate will truly warm your heart!

Ninety-three year old Texas veteran gets a high school diploma

When Pat Moore, 93, was supposed to get his high school diploma in 1945, his senior English teacher didn’t give him a passing grade (he still can’t stand to read). The following year, Moore returned to Alvin High School to complete his education but within a few months he was drafted into the war effort and instead of walking across the stage to receive a diploma he went and flew planes for the Allied forces in World War II. After returning from war, Mr. Moore got busy with working and raising a family and never had the drive or opportunity to get his degree. This past year, he was motivated to finish the course when his great-granddaughter was in her senior year at Alvin High School. Seventy-five years after he was initially scheduled to graduate, Pat Moore got his high school diploma in the same ceremony as his 18 year-old great-granddaughter.

Seven Maryland High School Graduates had to wait 52 years for their diplomas

In 1969, racial tensions were very high all over the United States. That year, several students at La Plata High School in Maryland staged a sit-in because there were no black students granted spots on the school dance team. As a punishment at the time, none of the students who participated in the sit-in were allowed to walk the stage for graduation, despite having completed all of the requirements to earn their diploma that year. After the graduation ceremony was complete, the high school diplomas were sent out via mail, but seven of the diplomas were returned to La Plata as undeliverable. Recently, staff at the high school found the misplaced diplomas, tracked down the alumnus, and held a ceremony where all seven were finally granted their high school diplomas, 52 years later.

North Carolina teen who was denied his high school diploma, finally receives it

Ever Lopez, a recent graduate of Asheboro High School in North Carolina was initially denied his high school diploma this past may because he wore a Mexican flag over his gown as he walked across the stage at the ceremony.  Lopez stated that a school staff member told him after he exited the stage that he didn’t get his diploma because of the Mexican flag he wore over his graduation gown. A video of the ceremony, where Lopez walks across the stage but wasn’t handed his diploma like his classmates went viral on social media. Viewers on social media were quick to come to the teen’s defense as calls went out to the school to award Lopez the diploma he had earned over many years in school. Four days after the incident, officials at Asheboro High School did in fact give Mr. Lopez his high school diploma.

Waiting for your high school diploma, like the people in these stories (whether that is 4 days or 75 years) can be difficult and tedious. Finally holding a piece of parchment that says you completed high school is a proud moment, and not something you shouldn’t have to delay. If you order a replica diploma from a reputable diploma maker company like ValidGrad, you could have a high quality, authentic-looking high school diploma in your hands in just a few days, no waiting required.

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