You NEED a Hard Copy of Your Diploma

Get a hard copy of your diploma in the event that your original is lost or stolen.

Graduating from college requires a lot of time and effort. Make sure you are prepared for life after graduation by keeping a copy of your diploma or transcript. Having a hard copy of your transcripts and diploma is convenient and time-saving whether you plan on continuing your education or entering the workforce. 

If you have an electronic copy of your diploma, you may be wondering when, if ever, you might need a hard copy of your academic records. This article will explain why you may need these documents after graduating from high school and after earning your degree. 


You must prove that you have passed all the required courses and graduation requirements after you graduate from high school or after you complete your degree. An official diploma is proof that you have finished your education. Despite being only a piece of paper, it is of great significance. Professional or academic careers can be enhanced by a diploma. Getting where you want to go may not be possible without it. 

Academic transcripts serve as records of your academic performance. It contains your grade point average as well as your credit hours. As well as your course titles and durations, it holds more specific information about your courses. Transcripts will be closely examined by the university admissions office to ensure applicants will be able to succeed at the next level of higher education. Transcripts may also be requested by prospective employers to see how you performed in classes related to their position. 

When you graduate from high school, you’ll need both your official diploma and transcripts to be considered for admission to a university. In addition to demonstrating your intellectual ability, these documents indicate how you will adapt to the next academic level effectively. When you move on academically to the next degree, you will need to keep providing these documents. In order to be admitted to a master’s or Ph.D. program, you must provide proof of your degree and academic record. 

Having your diploma and transcripts handy is extremely helpful when applying for jobs, no matter what your career path may be. Most employers look at transcripts instead of relevant work experience when hiring for an entry-level position or internship. Your ability to do a job can be demonstrated by having top grades in relevant coursework. 


Graduation certificates and performance records are usually required by colleges. Diplomas are official documents that prove that you’re ready to continue studying. It is also important to submit transcripts when applying to colleges, since most colleges carefully assess your performance in core courses. 


If you plan to continue your education or find a full-time job after completing your bachelor’s degree, these documents may be required. 

Graduate School

To complete your graduate school applications, you’ll need your diploma and transcripts. In addition to showing your abilities in related courses, these documents will also show you’re capable of handling the intense workload of graduate school. 

Beginning a new career

In order to prove your capability to perform the job well, you may need to submit your diploma or transcripts to your employer after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. The academic achievements of an applicant are often taken into account by employers when hiring for entry-level positions. 

Work and Travel Abroad

Obtaining a work visa may require that you show proof of your academic qualifications following your college graduation. There is always the risk of losing or stealing items while traveling. You can keep your original transcripts and diplomas safe by using a hard copy. 


Your diploma and transcripts may be needed for a number of reasons. Documents that have been lost or stolen may need to be replaced. Alternatively, you may wish to protect the original ones from damage, since sunlight and other environmental factors eventually degrade paper products. You should always keep a copy of your diploma or transcript on hand in case you need it for a future career or academic opportunity. 

Proof that these degrees have been earned

It is important to show a hard copy of your diploma when applying to graduate school or for a job that you have completed the academic coursework you need to move on. If you keep your copy in the drawer of your desk or hang it on the wall of your office, you will always be prepared to prove your credentials. 

There are a few situations in which a physical copy of your diploma is essential, even though some professions are more casual about university degrees than others. You will usually have to show hard copies of your diplomas when applying for jobs abroad, for example. Your credentials are verified by these documents. Also, you may need it for visa applications. You will also need your official diploma in professions that require protection, such as medicine or law.

Displaying your degrees in your office

Displaying your degrees prominently on the wall can help you build authority and trust with your colleagues and clients. This practice may even be essential for certain roles. Degrees are crucial to your success as a psychiatrist or health professional. It is necessary to hold certain degrees for these types of positions. Depending on your degree, some people may even care what university you attended. Your diplomas will need to be displayed in such cases.

Keep Your Original Diploma Safe

Despite the importance of displaying your diploma, you may want to make sure it remains authentic. Paper can be damaged by sunlight, water, smoke, and extreme temperatures. For display or travel, you may want to invest in a hard copy of your original diploma.

Displaying your credentials more than once may also be a good idea. Extra copies of your diploma can be displayed in your home office as well as your public office. 

Demonstrate Your Capabilities

In order to apply for jobs, you may need to have your official transcripts available. In the case of mid-level jobs, you will probably not need to reference your transcripts if you have some work experience already. If you are an entry-level job seeker who has just graduated college, however, having transcripts that show relevant coursework can help you land a job. You can use your transcripts to prove your knowledge and capabilities related to your major if you are applying for a job that is relevant to your major. 

To ensure that potential employers can easily verify your coursework, qualifications, and experience, you should accurately describe them when applying for jobs. You will be able to demonstrate your achievements and abilities to your interviewers when they have official copies of your transcripts. 


You may be frustrated and worried if you lose your official diploma when you need it immediately. Misplacing a piece of paper could result in you losing an exciting opportunity. Even if you don’t use it on a daily basis, accidents can happen, and a small item can be easily lost. It’s common for diplomas to get lost, which can be stressful. In the event that you need a new diploma, what should you do? The situation can be approached in several ways if it happens to you. In some cases, you may need to order a temporary replacement depending on the urgency of the situation.

Hard copies can be requested from your institution

You should start by contacting the registrar’s office at your school. Their records will include all your important documents, including transcripts and diplomas. The office will then be able to print and sign your new diploma. The physical copy of your academic documents can take a long time, if not weeks, to arrive. Living out of state or abroad can make this process especially lengthy. 

Replacement diplomas are available from ValidGrad

Some institutions, however, offer electronic copies of diplomas thanks to new technology. In some cases, an electronic diploma may suffice, but there are times when a physical diploma is required. Until your school’s official documents arrive, you can use this diploma as a temporary replacement. 

Throughout your academic career, you’ve worked hard, dedicated yourself to your studies, and earned a diploma and transcript. You’ll save time by having your diploma and transcripts ready to go when you want to advance in academia or move into a career path. In most cases, you won’t need to show these documents frequently, so having hard copies may seem unimportant. It is best to have legitimate copies of these documents on hand when you need to show them to employers, foreign administrators, and other institutions. We can provide replacement diplomas and transcripts more quickly than your school if you ever find yourself in a bind and need them in a hurry. 

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