Finding the Best Diploma Display for You

diploma display

In addition to being a tremendous accomplishment, graduating from college can open up wonderful career opportunities. You and your family should be proud of the piece of paper they hand you on graduation day. Whether you choose a traditional frame or a customized one, all frames serve the same purpose – to display your diploma!

College diplomas can be displayed in a variety of ways. Finding the right way to display your diploma is the key.

Feeling a little unsure about the traditional diploma frame? Or perhaps even what it means to have a “traditional” diploma frame? Don’t worry. You can display your diploma in a variety of ways, and we have compiled a list of our favorites to inspire you. Check out what’s coming up:

  • The best way to display your diploma
  • The traditional way to display a college diploma
  • Creating a custom diploma frame for your college diploma
  • Plus a whole lot more

Your diploma will look great on your wall, in your office, or wherever you choose to display it, no matter which way you display it. 

How You Want Your Diploma to Be Displayed

Yeah, we know — you’re anxious to find the perfect diploma frame. While you probably want to get to the good part, which is browsing sites for the right diploma frame to enclose your degree, take a moment to reflect on why and where you would like to display it.

Think about why you’re framing your diploma

The majority of people frame their degrees to demonstrate their accomplishments and to demonstrate that they have the credentials to back up their resume. Also, it’s a big achievement, and you should be able to display something you’ve worked on for years.

Choosing the right location for your diploma display

Once your diploma has been framed, it’s time to consider where you’d like it displayed. Your frame type will be affected by this. A traditional frame with a simple design would probably be the best choice for displaying your accomplishments in a future workplace.

It might be a good idea to get a little more creative if you want to keep your diploma at home in your office or somewhere else. It’s not only a way of showcasing an accomplishment, but it’s also a way of storing your memories of school. To make your diploma even more special, you may want to add a picture to it, which can influence the type of diploma frame you choose.

What will it all look like?

Make sure you have enough wall space if you plan to hang your diploma so that it does not feel crowded by other frames nearby. If your diploma frame includes a space for photos, tassels, or graduation caps, it can be larger than other pictures on your wall. You can choose to add other memories or items around it to complete the look, or have it as the only thing on your wall.

If you intend to display your diploma on a table or shelf, be sure to have a suitable stand. It may be better to lean the diploma against something sturdy rather than using a stand for framed diplomas. You can place other items around your diploma on a shelf that you couldn’t display on a wall when displaying it on a shelf. Your school’s name on a glass, a favorite hat, or perhaps trophies or awards you earned while in school could be included.

Diploma Display Ideas

Now that we know what your diploma frame needs to do — show off your skills to potential clients, stay put when hung on the wall — we can really start thinking about the types of diploma frames available. In order to keep it simple, we’ll break them down by style:

Having decided why and where you would like to display your diploma, let’s see what’s available! Displaying the full degree with the school’s colors and name is one of the most popular ways to preserve a diploma. You get not only a nice diploma frame, but you also get the school’s name and colors that emphasize the importance of your accomplishment and add to the sense of school pride. In addition to adding a touch of elegance to your diploma presentation, a wood frame is a nice touch. Your current or future office would benefit from this addition. The school name is also a nice touch, especially if you plan to go on to graduate school, medical school, or law school, as it allows you to distinguish between your degrees.

Your diploma can also be displayed with a professional photo of your school.

You could also try a vertical frame that includes your diploma as well as a professional picture of your campus to keep it classic but change it up a bit. Putting your diploma frame on your wall in this way allows you to see a beautiful photograph of a well-known building or structure that will bring back fond memories, as well as the school name on the diploma.

Customize Your Diploma Display

Make your diploma frame stand out with a little something extra!

It’s okay if you aren’t a traditional kind of person! Consider creating your own customized look if you want something new and different. You can also build your own frame from scratch if you’re a creative type, including all the mementos and keepsakes you want along with your diploma. Create one that does!

Diploma frames can serve so many more purposes than just displaying a piece of paper; they can be very sentimental and house some of your most treasured memories. You could also frame your tassel, graduation cap, and even a picture of you and your family from the big day in addition to framing your diploma. For an easy way to remember all the fun you had with your friends at your university, include a couple of pictures as well. Personalizing these wall hangings also makes them great conversation pieces. When someone comes over, you can tell them about some of your fondest memories and why you decided to frame keepsakes, photos, and your diploma.

Details Make a Difference in How Your Diploma Is Displayed

A little more attention to detail is another excellent way to make your diploma stand out. When creating a custom frame, you’re often allowed to choose your school’s colors as the background or highlight color. To tie the whole piece together, you can also choose what type of frame you want. Consider an ornate paisley or Celtic knot pattern to add some elegance. Having an awesome framed diploma for the wall or shelf is a great way to show off your sense of style!

If you want to make your frame a little more personalized, you can choose a rustic brown wood or a deep mahogany color. The sky’s the limit when it comes to incorporating these ideas into a traditional frame or a customized frame with keepsakes.

Consider a floating glass diploma display if you prefer something clean and modern. Your diploma will be easily displayed in this interesting frame without taking away from your decor. Despite being suited to any ambiance, this type of frame looks especially eye-catching in a modern or minimalist office. Display it alongside other items from your school days, such as photos or a tassel, by hanging it or by displaying it on a shelf.

Diploma frames come in all different styles, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your personal style, choose a diploma based on where you would like it to be! Check out ValidGrad today if you have misplaced your original diploma and need to replacement to place in the diploma display on your wall.

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