Below, you’ll find a selection of frequently asked questions that can provide you with a general understanding of the information you may require prior to buying a customized diploma or transcript from us. It’s possible that your question has already been addressed here. If you still don’t see the information you’re seeking, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated customer service representatives are at your disposal and ready to address all of your questions about buying degrees online, obtaining replica diplomas, or acquiring transcripts.

It’s important to clarify that buying degrees online through Validgrad does not equate to acquiring authentic diplomas or transcripts. We are not an educational institution and cannot be used for accreditation. Our novelty diplomas and fake college transcripts with verification seals are meant to look as authentic as possible and act as duplicates or replacements. ValidGrad documents should never be used for misrepresentation.

We have done many tests to make sure that our service is as straightforward and easy to understand as possible. Both the Custom Diploma Maker and the Transcript Maker will take you step-by step through the ordering process. You will be able to choose school type (i.e. high school, college, GED or certificate), as well as see various layout styles and seal options for your fake degrees and transcripts. Most fields are able to be edited with your specific information.

If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed or pressed for time and require immediate assistance to buy a college degree or transcript, have one of our experts help you with the “Help creating an order” option on our Contact Us form.

Digital copies are available immediately after checkout. You can either download it directly from the “thank you” page, or retrieve it from the email address you provide during checkout. (Please check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.)

Once you buy a degree replica or novelty transcript from us, you will promptly receive an email confirmation containing a PDF copy. (Sometimes it does get stuck in Spam so be sure to check there!)

Expedited orders are processed the next business day and your physical package will arrive in 2-3 business days. Non-expedited orders typically are delivered within 5-6 business days. We will email you tracking information once your order ships via USPS or UPS.

(If any edits need to be made to your phony diploma or transcript, please reach out ASAP with changes. If changes are requested after an order ships, customers will need to pay a fee of $20 for S&H.)

We do everything possible to make you happy with our product before you buy it. You can ask questions, edit and preview your document before you buy a degree or transcript from us so you see exactly what you are getting before you purchase. Please do your part to make sure that you have entered all information correctly for your fake degrees with verification.

We will allow you to cancel your order and allow free changes to your novelty diploma or transcript before we mail your physical copy. You must let us know as soon as possible because we will send the document within the next two business days. Please email us ASAP.

Custom document requests are sent directly to our graphic design team, and  therefore, we cannot refund payments for custom requests. 

Absolutely! We are always striving to be the easiest to use and most helpful service available. If there’s a feature that you believe our transcript or diploma templates generator lacks,  please let us know by emailing support@validgrad.com. We would love to make this easier and helpful to everyone planning to buy a bachelor’s degree or transcript online through Validgrad!

Our custom diplomas and transcripts are indistinguishable from the genuine documents issued by real educational institutions. Each document we create is tailored to your requirements, and we collaborate with you until it matches your exact specifications. Most documents, whether it’s a fake bachelor degree, replica certificate, or novelty diploma, will include the details you provide during the ordering process, such as the institution’s name, the graduate’s name, the degree type, major, courses completed, and graduation date – all of these are included at no additional cost. So whether you’re considering the purchase of fake degrees with verification seals or a high school transcript, you can be confident that our products are of the highest quality and are made to look like the real deal.

To enhance the authenticity of our replica diplomas and transcripts, we source our paper from the same provider that supplies universities with their document paper. Consequently, we employ exceptionally high-quality parchment paper, custom-made for university documents. Whether you intend to buy a bachelor’s degree or a GED transcript, rest assured that our products are of top-notch quality.

It’s essential to understand that replica high school diplomas cannot be employed for official purposes. Our diploma templates are designed to offer our customers a lasting memento of their accomplishments and a reminder of the challenges they’ve overcome. Regrettably, the phony diploma you purchase cannot be utilized for activities such as college applications or job applications. Due to the extensive customization possibilities we offer, there is a degree of risk associated with using a replica diploma in such contexts, potentially leading to fraudulent misrepresentation.

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