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Make sure to ask all the questions before you order a fake transcript.

ValidGrad is a company that makes diplomas and transcripts, and we often receive questions about our fake transcript service. Fake transcripts are commonly ordered for a variety of reasons, but most commonly to get a job. A fake transcript can also help some people in changing their names on their resume or social security card. It’s not uncommon to wonder if fake transcripts are legal. Our fake transcripts are 100% legal as long as they are used for personal purposes only, regardless of the type you order. Considering the many questions we get here regarding GED, high school, and college transcripts, we thought we would put together a post regarding the uses and legality of these transcripts.

What is included on a transcript?

A transcript contains a lot of information that many people don’t have a clue about. An official transcript includes the following information:

  • Name of student and degree earned. A fake transcript may contain fake information, or a duplicate transcript may contain accurate details to the person ordering the transcript.
  • Your academic honors (such as Dean’s List) if applicable. Fake transcripts would not be subject to any of these requirements.
  • An average of your performance on all of the courses you took in school or in college, known as your cumulative grade point average.
  • Detailed information about all of the classes you took and the grades you earned during your education.

At ValidGrad, every transcript we create contains the same standard information as a traditional transcript. Additional elements may appear on transcripts of a specific institution, such as a logo, a seal, or an embossed transcript key. ValidGrad can create fake transcripts with each of these elements. Please let us know if you need any custom details included in your transcript to ensure that it is as close to the original as possible.

Uses for a fake transcript

There are a few instances when you may need to have a copy of your high school or college transcript, but most people don’t realize they need it until someone asks for it. It happens most often when you are applying for a new job. To prove that you have completed your college courses, employers now ask for a copy of your transcript, especially if the position requires a college degree. If you are applying for another school or continuing education program, you might need to provide your high school or GED transcript. In most cases, prior coursework or prerequisites are necessary before enrolling in higher level courses.

Are fake transcripts illegal?

Absolutely not.

The internet is full of fake transcripts that you can purchase. Despite the fact that some states prohibit the use of fake transcripts, or the possession of one with the intention of using it for fraud, most cases of fake transcripts fall under free speech laws. You are perfectly within your rights to purchase and have delivered a fake transcript if your state has no specific legislation against it. When ordering a transcript from ValidGrad, you should not break any fraud laws.

Does the transcript contain coursework of any kind?

Various degrees and majors from around the country are monitored by our production department. The courses taken at different high schools, universities, or colleges may not exactly match, but they do tend to have similar names. Your specific area of study is represented by each class listed. The classes on this list usually match close enough for customers to find it acceptable. An example of this difference is when we refer to a course as “English 101” and a school refers to it as “Introduction to Literature”. We are confident that the coursework represented on our transcripts will meet the requirements to graduate with a specific degree, and we work hard to stay up-to-date on the requirements.

Is a ValidGrad fake transcript printed on special paper?

We will show you a digital version of your fake transcript once you have completed the transcript making process on our website. You will receive a transcript that is printed on high quality paper so that it will replicate the look of a genuine transcript once you are satisfied with the details and complete your purchase. While there may be small differences such as the signature or seal (which we can’t duplicate for legal reasons), the transcript will look and feel just like the original transcript.

You should always do your due diligence and ask questions before buying a fake transcript, just as you would for any other important purchase. Before ordering, you should make sure the product will meet your requirements. ValidGrad offers excellent customer service, so if you have any additional questions not addressed in this post, please do not hesitate to contact us. To ensure that you get exactly what you expect, we make sure the fake transcript that you receive matches your expectations.

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