The Facts About Buying a Fake GED

In the event that life happens and you didn't finish high school, you may need a fake GED.

What makes someone want to buy a fake GED?

The dropout rate in the United States was 6% in 2021. Although it’s a record low, this still accounts for over a million students out of 17 million. Society places a lot of value on earning a high school diploma. Some people simply want the respect of their peers. In some situations, though, it can mean being taken seriously by a potential employer.

Life sometimes happens, and students aren’t able to complete their high school education. High school might be too challenging for them or their circumstances might prevent them from graduating. No matter what the reason for your non-graduation, getting a fake diploma might be your only option. It might surprise you to learn that it is perfectly legal to own a fake high school or GED diploma.

Interested in getting a fake GED? The benefits of buying a GED online are explained below.

Is it illegal to obtain a fake GED?

Fake high school diplomas may seem like a criminal offense at first glance. Owning one won’t get you in trouble! You can create, buy, and own a fake GED legally. The use of a fake diploma may raise some legal issues. Even if you have a fake diploma, that doesn’t mean you don’t know anything. It makes you feel complete to hold your own diploma. You will enjoy seeing your name on the documentation even though you did not graduate.

Is a fake GED considered fraud?

Creating, buying, and owning a fake diploma is totally legal. Fake diplomas are only considered fraud when they are presented to a potential employer or college admission council and are passed off as real. The law prohibits lying about the diploma being official. 

It depends on the charges and the intent of the individual how severe the punishment for fraud will be. In most cases, using a fake diploma to get a job is less severe than submitting one to a college. These consequences could, however, pose long-term problems when trying to find a job in the future.

The only way to earn an official diploma if you dropped out of high school is to take a test and earn a “high school equivalency.”

Is it worth it to get a phony diploma?

Fake diplomas can be purchased for a variety of reasons. Fake diplomas aren’t for everyone.If you’re insecure about your education level, you can get a fake diploma to boost your confidence. An individual might buy a fake diploma just to replace one that is missing.

A missing or lost diploma

Typically, schools replace lost diplomas upon request. In some cases, however, when schools close. Graduates may never see their diploma again if this happens. Replacing a fake diploma with a real one gives a person a comforting reminder of their past high school experience that they won’t be able to visit again in real life. When used as a sentimental reminder or to comfort a sense of completion, a fake diploma is completely harmless.

Just for fun

Having a GED on hand as a prop for a video is another reason to buy one online. An influencer may need a prop for their social media channel. It may be for fun or acting purposes. It might even be required for an official movie scene. As long as it’s authentic and pretending is done with intention, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

Additionally, you might want a replica diploma to display in your home and office.

In order to test the legal limits

There are a lot of legitimate reasons to buy a replica diploma, but not all of them are legal. The lack of a high school diploma can prove to be a major obstacle in a person’s life. Their career could be at risk or they may be ridiculed by people who know them.

In a non-official capacity, showing off your fake GED is perfectly legal. Those lines can start blurring when some people get fed up. Playing this game could get a person into a lot of legal trouble. It’s a better idea to take the state’s high school diploma test and earn an official diploma, rather than risking it. If you lie to your employer about your diploma, they know how to verify it, and being fired isn’t the worst consequence.

What to expect when you order a fake GED

The process of purchasing a fake GED certificate or a hard copy is straightforward. ValidGrad can make replica diplomas for all levels of education. The degree can be created to mimic a variety of colleges and certifications. It is possible to duplicate fake transcripts from high school to college.

Get your own replica GED today

Fake GEDs may be purchased for a variety of reasons. Replica diplomas are legal to own and purchase! The satisfaction of seeing your name on a professional-looking document is simple to achieve. Our wide selection of quality replica diplomas can be found here if you want to learn more!

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