3 Things to Consider Before you get a Fake Diploma

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Oftentimes a successful career begins with graduation. In America, 95% of 25-29-year-olds have graduated high school. These graduates received diplomas as proof of completing four years of education. Some people, however, need a new document in order to appear successful. A fake diploma is the option they choose.

Using a diploma for malicious purposes can have serious consequences, but what are they? In what ways does your fake diploma differ from the real thing? What are the best ways to display your diploma? 

The fake diploma that meets your needs can be found by answering these questions. Before getting a fake diploma, consider the following three factors. 


Fake diplomas have the potential to provide many people with opportunities. Fake diplomas should not be used for job or promotion purposes. 

Your company will at least fire you if they discover that your diploma is fake. A civil lawsuit may be filed against you if you earn money from your fake diploma. 

You may even be charged with a crime. Fraud can be a criminal offense, and depending on your actions, you may face additional charges. Several people who pretended to be medical professionals were charged with manslaughter and murder. 

Consider your reasons for wanting a fake diploma. Whether you need a duplicate diploma or an office decoration, you can order one without repercussion. It is not a good idea to buy one if you want it for a completely different reason.

A number of easy and legitimate ways exist for you to boost your credentials for job opportunities. Online classes and volunteer opportunities are available. It is possible for you to get diplomas for these positions that you can show off to potential employers.


Consider several aesthetic concepts before you choose a fake diploma. You should consider the different products provided by the company from which you intend to purchase your diploma. 

Choosing colors

A diploma’s color can have a significant impact on how others perceive it. It is important to consider the color of your diploma cover and the paper itself when choosing a color for your diploma.

College diploma covers come in many different colors. Black and dark blue are popular colors among them because they are conservative and clean. You should use one of these colors on your diploma to make it appear more real. 

It is rare for diploma paper to be stark white. To suggest the historic nature of the college or university, it may appear aged. You can, however, choose any colors you like. To determine which color is best for you, find a few samples of different colors. 


There is a common format for diplomas. Large letters are used to identify the school along the top of the document. Under the school’s name, a note indicates that the diploma is being awarded for achievement by the school. Below this note is the student’s name. Large letters appear beneath the student’s name to indicate the degree he or she received.

It then displays text describing where and when the student attended school and who witnessed their graduation. A variety of signatures are found at the bottom of the document, including those from the school’s principal or president. 

This format is familiar to many people. You should design your diploma in a standard stock format if you want it to appear credible. 

Adding watermarks

Fake diplomas are well known to colleges. To make their diplomas appear more legitimate, they have taken steps to protect them. 

Diploma papers often have a watermark. College seals are usually printed in full color on the paper. Even Photoshop cannot duplicate these seals. 

Your school may be able to provide you with a duplicate diploma if you request one. A copy that you make yourself may seem less than legitimate if you attempt to duplicate the watermark yourself. 


Your diploma may look better behind glass. The text on your diploma should be easily readable through the glass. For easier viewing, place your document against a white sheet.

You should use a frame that looks respectable. There is no need for anything more than a black and rectangular frame. For an elegant display, use a brown wooden frame.

Many colleges use serif fonts on their diplomas, such as Baskerville. From a distance, you should be able to see the letters clearly in the font you choose. 

The diploma should be displayed at a height where it can be seen by others. If you want to appear more professional, surround the diploma with other documents.


The decision to fake a diploma should not be taken lightly. Regardless of the industry in which you work, diplomas should not be used to obtain job opportunities. 

Even if you are using a diploma as a prop, it needs to seem legitimate. Choosing the right colors, formats, and watermarks for your diploma is crucial. Display your document clearly, allowing others to read it easily. Simple frames and clear glass make viewing easy. 

Your great fake diploma is just a few clicks away. It’s easy to get a fake diploma from ValidGrad at an affordable price. Feel free to request a sample.

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