Should I Display My Diploma in My Office?

should i display my diploma in my office

Hanging a diploma in your office can be a big confidence boost, inspire confidence in visitors, or liven up your workspace. The key to workplace success is a little bit of confidence. If you’re feeling a little shy about your work, or if the mood in your office could use some help, then hang up a diploma! Hang that piece of paper with pride and it can be an instant source of motivation for yourself as well as those who visit your workspace. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why diplomas are so powerful and how they can be used to liven up any space.

College diplomas can be great motivation

Whether you have achieved your dream career yet, or are still on the path to figuring out what that may be, looking at a representation of what your future could be may inspire action. It may also provide the motivation you need to get off your butt and start doing something.

By purchasing and displaying your dream college diploma in your space, it can be a constant reminder of a goal. Whether you are focused on a specific school (Harvard, UCLA, University of Texas, etc.) or are more concerned with the type of degree you want to earn (Masters of Fine Arts, Bachelors of Engineering, Law Degree, etc.) it is always a good idea to have a visual reminder. In fact, experts agree that having visual cues about your goals can keep them in the front of your mind, and if you have a replica college diploma on your wall you are more likely to attain that dream.

Having a college diploma (or a few) hanging in your office can inspire confidence in visitors

Studies have shown that people are more likely to trust a business person if they feel that they are well trained. It doesn’t really matter what type of business you are in, or whether or not that field requires a college diploma, people are more likely to trust a business owner who has a diploma hanging on the wall than one who doesn’t.

You shouldn’t lie to your clients about your educational experience if you have a novelty college diploma hung on your wall. Most people don’t really care about the specifics of the degree, simply seeing a certificate hanging on a wall adds more authority and gravitas to a space. However, if someone does happen to ask you about the diploma, make sure you tell the truth about not having earned it yourself. You want your clients to trust your abilities, because you are great at your job, but you don’t want to get caught deceiving anyone or committing fraud.


Hanging a diploma in your office can make it feel more professional

Sometimes the style of your office just lends itself well to replica diplomas as art. There are so many options as far as color, paper and seals available that a display that includes college diplomas can be beautiful and impressive. Take some time to go through the options available at a company like ValidGrad, so that you can find a product that looks great with your other decor.

If you’d like some examples of what we mean by this check out our Facebook page! We put together galleries with real offices using diplomas as well as shops and restaurants that use them too, and we update those throughout the year. You can find us on Facebook here.

Your office is a physical manifestation of your business and personality. By adding a college diploma to the wall you can inspire your work, impress visitors and add to the overall aesthetic of the space. ValidGrad provides many options for the right diploma to serve each of these purposes.

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