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College Name

This Certifies that

Student Name

has completed the required course of study and is therefore awarded
the degree of

Associates of Accounting

with all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining.

In witness thereof this diploma is granted by the Board of Regents upon
recommendation of the faculty.

Conferred at College City, Alabama

on the First day of January, Ninteen Hundred And Seventy Nine

President Of The University

Chairman Of The Board

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If you’re like most graduates who have been out of school for more than a decade, you have no idea where your original diploma is. Try as you might to keep track of all your important documents, it becomes increasingly harder to do so as the years go on.

And if you’ve ever tried getting a copy of your original diploma, you know it’s easier said than done. The good news is that you aren’t without options. Thanks to the innovations of the internet, you can now create a replacement diploma online for a variety of purposes.

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What Are Replacement Diplomas Used For?

Replica diplomas are just that: diplomas that aren’t real. With recent developments in technology, it has become easier for people to buy a replacement diploma online. Many people use a college diploma maker for a variety of reasons, but it’s important to note that their use is limited by law.


People who use replica diplomas usually do so because they want to be able to trick their acquaintances into believing they achieved academic greatness. While this is good for a laugh or two, you might also want to display a  diploma for decorative purposes.


Indeed, there’s something attractive about a framed diploma hanging on the wall. And that’s certainly acceptable if you simply wish to give your den some flair. There are many ways to display a diploma in the privacy of your own home in an effort to add some character and charm.

Uses That Are Off Limits

Using a replica diploma to find employment in a field that requires a degree is off-limits. Why would someone use a replacement diploma to obtain employment? They may not have the money for college, or they may not have the time to finish their degree while also working, for example. 

Whatever the reason, using a diploma that you didn’t earn for such purposes is illegal and can carry serious consequences.

If you’re caught with a replica diploma when applying for jobs or other opportunities, there’s no way to know how the person viewing your application will react. It’s more likely than not that they will reject your application without giving it much thought after seeing your degree is counterfeit.

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And if you manage to get through the interview process only to find out later that the company did some research on you and discovers what you had done? You’ll probably lose your new job before even starting it.


There’s also the risk of the person reviewing your educational history and reporting the discrepancy. Simply put, it’s not worth the risk of getting into trouble. At worst, you could be charged with fraud, which carries severe penalties depending on what you were trying to accomplish.


It might seem tempting at first, but the risks are much bigger than the rewards. The consequences of being caught with a inauthentic degree can include fines and jail time, so it’s best to not even entertain the thought.

Acceptable Uses

That doesn’t mean replacement diplomas don’t have a purpose. Many people invest in a ValidGrad diploma to serve as a replacement or backup copy for their own peace of mind. Granted, you can’t use this copy for deceptive purposes. But there’s nothing wrong with keeping one on file in your home or proudly displaying a replica diploma on your wall.


What’s more, some people who legitimately graduated may choose to obtain a diploma to serve as a holdover until their real diploma arrives. ValidGrad diplomas are also ideal for replacing that old diploma you lost or misplaced all those years ago.


You know what you accomplished, and you want the paperwork to prove it. There’s something fulfilling about having a tangible document that states your achievements. So if you lost an original diploma that you legitimately earned, a replacement diploma is the second-best thing.

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Another excellent purpose of replica diplomas is giving yourself a document for getting your GED. Not everyone went through high school and got a diploma. However, those who obtained their GED put in a lot of hard work and determination. As such, it’s only natural to want a document that reflects such commitment.


Moreover, there is nothing illegal about buying or making a replacement diploma. So if you’re feeling anxious about using an online college diploma maker, don’t be. Unless you have deceptive designs for your diploma, there is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in one.


So if you’re ready to use a replacement diploma for legitimate purposes, our diploma maker here at ValidGrad will serve you well.