Will Your Replacement Diploma Look Authentic?

Make sure that you pick the company that can best make you a diploma that looks authentic.

Are you in the process of purchasing a degree or transcript for personal use? Your intention might be to display it around your home, to hang it on your office wall, or just to keep it for your records. There is a possibility that you didn’t purchase one that looked authentic. In order to understand what sets ValidGrad apart from other diploma makers, let’s look at some of the features that make our fake diplomas and transcripts the most authentic looking on the market.


A Diploma Seal from Real Institutions

The seals used by most colleges, universities, and high schools are very specific. You might find that it’s a particular color, has the logo of your university, or even shows the year in which the institution was founded. The texture will often be three-dimensional.  

There are other diploma manufacturers out there who will simply use a generic stamp as a seal on your replacement document. ValidGrad has an in-house design team that will make your diploma or transcript look authentic. It is even possible for us to accommodate designs that incorporate multiple metallic elements. 

Often, the seal or lettering on college diplomas and transcripts from other manufacturers is positioned incorrectly. We take great care to ensure that the seal is correctly positioned on every diploma we make at ValidGrad.


An appropriate paper size

There is often a size difference between bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as doctoral degrees. In general, a Bachelor’s degree measures 8-½” x 11”. Typically, doctoral diplomas as well as Master’s diplomas are 11” x 14”. It is not uncommon for diploma makers to use one standard letter size for all diplomas. Based on your degree type and the institution where you bought it, ValidGrad will calculate the diploma size for you. 

The right kind of paper

Most diploma makers use regular paper or cardstock when printing a diploma. Paper used in diplomas printed by colleges and high schools is heavier. In order to ensure that VilaGrads documents look and feel authentic, the company uses a heavier type of paper. 

Fonts that make your diploma look authentic

When using an online diploma maker, you will likely only be able to choose from a few fonts. Depending on your college, university, or high school, these fonts may not match. You can expect ValidGrad to design your degree and transcript in a font that is similar to your college or university’s font. 


A transcript that shows legitimate course names

Other diploma makers don’t always allow you to customize your list of courses when you go to them and as a result you don’t end up with pieces that make a diploma look authentic. In fact, you may be given a list of courses that do not relate to your degree major. ValidGrad lets you add your own courses or choose from stock courses that reflect your major (even if you don’t recall what classes you took).

Signatures that are real

You may only be able to add stock signatures with some diploma makers. Many people consider the diploma’s signature to be its most important component. As with their original diploma, they want their copy to look official. Your original diploma signatures can be added or stock signatures can be selected when you select your document. 

ValidGrad gives you plenty of choices when replacing documents. When you are in the market or a replacement degree or fake diploma, or even a fake transcript, there are certain factors that differentiate between a waste of money and a diploma look authentic. Make sure you make the right choice the first time and order your diploma from ValidGrad.

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