3 Easy Ways to Get a Copy of Your Diploma

Get a copy of your diploma with these three easy steps.

You might not think about your high school diploma very often after graduation, but in some cases, you may need to demonstrate your education with it. Here are a few simple ways you can obtain a copy of your high school diploma if you’re unsure how. Discover three simple steps to get a copy of your high school diploma so you can save it to your records and use it whenever you need to.

Why do you need a copy of your diploma?

Your high school diploma may still be required even if you graduated years ago. The skills and knowledge you acquired this way show potential employers that you are capable of tackling the task at hand.

You may also find your GPA and other honors on your diploma along with the school and year you graduated. Your high school diploma is also required by many colleges and technical schools.

  • Colleges may require you to submit a copy of your high school diploma, while some only require a transcript. Each school decides this, but it’s good to have the copy in case you need it when applying to college.
  • Your diploma may also be requested by a few employers. Employers can use this document to confirm that you graduated when and where you claimed.
  • Maybe you just want to keep your high school diploma for sentimental reasons, but you don’t know how to get a copy. The diploma can also be framed and hung on the wall.


Your high school can provide you with a copy of your diploma if you contact them directly. Get in touch with them and let them know you’re a graduate if you have their phone number or e-mail address.

If possible, ask the person you speak with if you can receive a copy of the diploma by mail. It may cost a small fee for the school to search and send you the diploma, but if you can’t locate the original, it is worth it.

You can get in touch with the school’s main office if you don’t know who to contact. To verify your information, the school may ask for a copy of your ID.

Providing your social security number or other confidential information over the phone is not a good idea. You might want to come in and visit the main office if you still live near your old high school. 

A fee may be charged once the school confirms your identity and locates your diploma. Make sure you keep your diploma in a secure place after receiving it in the mail.


Even if your school has closed or it has been a long time since you graduated, you may still be able to obtain a copy of your diploma. If there is a records division within your local education department or school district, you should begin by contacting them.

It is important to keep your diploma on record even if you no longer attend your high school. If you attended a public high school, you can contact the district office or the state education department.

If you graduated from a school district in a particular state, search for the district’s phone number or website. The National Center for Education Statistics website may have a directory of contacts you can look through.

You may be able to locate your old private high school through your state’s Department of Education if it no longer exists. At the very least, they can put you in touch with someone who can assist you with high school records.

Include as many details as possible about yourself, such as your name, graduation year, and high school. Their system should be able to locate your diploma with this information.


It may be possible to purchase your diploma or transcript if you’re not having any luck. Buying a fake diploma means you will be buying a fake document. Therefore, proceed with caution.

You can use this method if you just want a copy of your diploma to display. The copy may, however, be considered fraudulent if it is needed for a job or college registration.

It is important that your high school diploma looks as authentic as the original when you purchase it. If you want a copy for sentimental reasons, frame it and hang it on your wall or store it safely.

Get a copy of your diploma today

If you need a copy of your high school diploma for a new job or a sentimental keepsake, it’s important to know how to obtain one. Purchasing one should be done after contacting the school. The process of obtaining an authentic copy should be fairly straightforward when you do your research.

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