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Our fake certificate maker online lets you replicate your lost or misplaced degree in seconds!

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College Name

This Certifies that

Student Name

has completed the required course of study and is therefore awarded
the degree of

Associates of Accounting

with all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining.

In witness thereof this diploma is granted by the Board of Regents upon
recommendation of the faculty.

Conferred at College City, Alabama

on the First day of January, Nineteen Hundred And Seventy Nine

President Of The University

Chairman Of The Board

Diploma Maker

Get Your Custom Certificates With Zero Hassle!

With ValidGrad, making a certificate to replace a lost diploma or degree is easy and fast. We make it our mission to provide you with replicas you can use instantly.

Quick Shipping

You can download digital documents from our fake certificate maker instantly, and we also send PDF copies. Physical copies arrive in 5-7 days regular or 2-4 priority. USPS tracking information will be emailed to you.

Exceptional Client Support

Our customer support team works with you every step of the way to help you create the perfect customizable certificate. Email us at support@validgrad.com and let us help you replace your degree or diploma.

Make It Custom

Our online formal certificate maker has over 10 different templates. Can’t find the layout you’re looking for? Submit a request for a completely customizable certificate and our design team will get back to you ASAP.

What Others Have Said About Their Customized Certificates From ValidGrad

Here are some testimonials from people we have helped with making a certificate:

“I needed both a diploma and a set of transcripts. Validgrad seemed to be the most trustworthy. Turned out to be true! What I liked was the fact that you could see all the changes happen as you filled in the fields to order your diploma and transcripts so you know what to expect when you get it in the mail. The order was made simple and easy with their process.”

— Georgia Austin

“The diploma that I received looked great! I recommend validgrad to everyone looking for diplomas or transcripts. Looks exactly like the one that I lost at the fraction of the cost. If I ever need another Diploma I will be back!”

— Jay Hinge

How To Use Your ValidGrad Fake Certificate Maker

Our certificate maker is not for illegal purposes. In many cases using a fake diploma is against the law. It’s designed for graduates who:

  • Want help making a certificate to replace a lost or missing one
  • Don’t want to deal with cost and hassle of ordering a second official copy
  • Want to keep their real certificate safe and use the replica instead

How It Works

Our certificate builder can help you with making a certificate in three easy steps. You can get your new copy in as fast as two days with overnight express options.

Step 1

You start your certificate designs by choosing your document type, style, and seal from our range of customizable templates.

Step 2

Fill in the lines of your certificate design online. You have control over everything that goes on your certificate, from the institution name to the title.

Step 3

Fill in the different signature positions on your certificate. Let us know if you have any additional order notes and press go to make a certificate.

What You Can You Use a Certificate Generator for

There are so many things in the world that utilize certificates as a sign of achievement. From kids’ karate to an adult becoming a real estate agent and anything between can have a certificate attached to it. Maybe you want to play a joke on your friends or create a lovely Mother’s Day certificate that says, “Certified World’s Greatest Mom.” The potential for what a good certificate maker can do is fantastic and can be used for limitless options. There are multiple fake certificate makers, so finding the right one is ideal.

fake certificates

Why Would You Need a Certificate Maker?

You can make a certificate for a wide variety of things. These include anything from children’s classes to jumpstarting a career which is also utilized in many schools, like technical schools and construction. Certificates usually take less time to earn than diplomas and typically allow students to study specific topics more in-depth than they would be studying for a degree. On the flip side, this means some careers or jobs may seem not as intuitive as jobs that require degrees or diplomas. However, that is not always the case.

You can obtain certificates in a specific field by signing up for schools and courses in the area you want to pursue. For example, a diesel mechanic may not need a college degree. However, they can attend a technical school that certifies them as a professional diesel mechanic. If you have completed high school, you can sign up for many certifications. However, some certificates require you to have a parent present at the time of enrollment if you are under 18. Using a certificate maker can give you a good way of replacing any original certificates you may have lost or accidentally ruined. Online certificate makers provide many options to choose from to ensure that you can create certificates as perfectly as possible. Going this route can help save time and money versus contacting your institution to order a new copy. Doing that can cause headaches due to the paperwork required and the long delivery times.

Certificates can also be used as jokes or gifts. Maybe your best friend is graduating high school and college, and you would like to give them something that says, “Class Clown” or “Best Student.” Finding a good certificate maker online can provide a quick and simple way to give someone a funny or thoughtful gift.

The Limitations to Using a Certificate Maker

There are no limitations to using an online certificate maker for joke or gift purposes. However, if a customer plans to recreate a certificate they have lost or ruined, they must know of the limits that the replica will have. It is essential to understand that these online vendors are not schools or academic institutions. They cannot grant certification or licenses. The goal of these vendors is to create and replicate the most realistic-looking replica certificates possible. When you visit an online vendor’s website, you will see that most have a legal policy. This is a warning that customers should not make a certificate for official purposes like applying for jobs or future schooling. This is to protect the vendor if the customer is caught using a fake certificate which would be considered fraud. The vendor put this policy into place; however, it is up to the customer to accept the potential risk and act accordingly.

fake certificates
fake certificates

Where to Find The Best Certificate Maker

ValidGrad is well known for its ability to replicate certificates for people. Customers visit our website for many reasons. They are looking for personal replacements for lost or ruined certificates or want to fool somebody with a realistic novelty. Nevertheless, we can provide fantastic service to our customers with our limitless customization options. You will be able to make a certificate from scratch. This means you start with a blank slate and choose everything from the certificate template, the signature style, and the seal style through our certificate creator. You can also select one of the three sizes depending on whether you want your certificate to be big or small.

We have a fantastic support and design team ready to assist their customers. If you have any questions regarding your order or shipping, you can contact us, and we will assist. You also have the option of a custom order hand created by our design team. If you see options unavailable in the certificate maker, our design team can handcraft a custom order with the details you provide.


How Do You Make a Good Looking Certificate?
  • Choose quality paper: Opt for high-quality parchment and 100% cotton paper when making a certificate.
  • Use appropriate fonts: Create certificates with legible and professional fonts that complement the certificate’s style and purpose.
  • Maintain balance: Work to create a balanced, professional-looking layout with consistent spacing and alignment of text and graphics.
  • Incorporate visual elements: Add relevant images, borders, or embellishments to enhance visual appeal and reinforce the certificate’s theme.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t clutter the design with excessive text or graphics. Keep the layout clean and focused on essential information.
  • Personalize where possible: Customize the certificate with the recipient’s name, relevant details, and any special achievements to make it more meaningful.


With ValidGrad, we simplify the process! Multiple designs and fonts have been curated for your choosing, or you can request a custom certificate and we’d be happy to oblige.

Parchment paper is typically your best bet for making a hard copy with our fake certificate maker. Diplomas and certificates are typically printed on high-quality, heavyweight paper with a smooth finish, such as premium parchment or heavyweight cardstock.

It’s easy to create your own certificate of completion with our certificate maker. Legally, certificates only hold weight when they are issued by accredited institutions or recognized authorities. Self-made certificates lack the official endorsement of such entities, which potentially diminishes their credibility in professional settings. But these certificates may still hold value as symbols of personal achievement or completion of non-accredited courses.

Our fake certificate maker prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. We keep your information encrypted and protected throughout the certificate creation process to protect your private data. Read more on Information we collect.

Start the process of making your certificate with our certificate builder. Then simply upload your logo and select your organization’s colors from our customization options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, chat with our team about your precise requirements.

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