Where Can I Buy a GED Certificate? Improve Your Prospects and Future

where can i buy ged certificate

If you are looking to buy a GED certificate, it is important for you to understand that there are many different options out there. The best place to buy a ged certificate will depend on your needs and what type of document you need. There are three main types of certificates: high school equivalency, professional equivalency, or alternative certification programs. These documents have varying degrees of importance in the workplace so the best place to buy a ged certificate will be based on which one you need.

High School Equivalency

Each state is in charge of their own educational standards so the types of certificates are not very uniform. However, you will need to buy a GED certificate in order to get into most college courses or find employment opportunities that require proof of education through high school.

GED stands for Tests of General Educational Development. A person can take the GED to prove that their academic knowledge is equal to or greater than someone who has completed all requirements for a high school diploma. The tests are made up of four parts including language arts, social studies, science and mathematical reasoning.

GED Testing Centers

There are over 13000 GED testing centers in the United States so you should have no problem finding one near your home or work location. Sometimes a library will host testing sessions for free but it is more common that a fee is required to take the test at a designated testing center in your area. Generally the cost to take the GED test your first time is anywhere from $30-$45 per section, that means the total cost to take the test for the first, and a smaller fee to take any part of the test for a second time. That means that to buy a GED certificate you could spend anywhere from $120-$140.

Professional Equivalency Exams

The most common professional equivalency exam is the HiSET or High School Equivalency Test. Professional equivalency tests are another route you can take to get a high school diploma. These tests certify that an individual has the same knowledge and skills of someone who completed four years of secondary schooling in their respective subject area. Degrees earned through professional equivalency exams are not equivalent to traditional degrees, but they do provide job seekers with proof of academic achievement for certain careers. Newer, more expensive and less commonly recognized as the GED, the HiSET is a good alternative for someone who has a large volume of work history. HiSET scores are accepted by most colleges, universities and employers.


Alternative Ways to Buy a GED Certification

Another option to obtain high school equivalency is call the HEP or High School Equivalency program. This type of certification is only available to migrant or seasonal farmworkers or their children over the age of 16. It is a program developed by the government to allow migratory workers to obtain the qualifacations necessary to obtain another job or to enroll in higher forms of education. Though this is a relatively new program, there are approximately 500 particpants enrolled each year.

The last option for a person who wishes to buy a ged certificate is to obtain one from an online source. These websites do not require any form of testing or verification before awarding the requested degree which you desire. This option is also one of the least expensive. The average cost for a GED certificate buy-out ranges from $100-$200, though ValidGrad provides quality GED documents starting at only $60, depending on where you purchase it and how quickly you need to have your diploma in hand.

There are many options available on the market to buy a GED certificate and thereby improve employment and educational prospects. With the new economy, improving your chances within the job market requires proof of high school equivalency. Spend some time doing your research on the different ways in which you can buy a GED certificate, but make sure to take the next steps as soon as possible.

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