Business Certification to Accelerate Your Career

business certification

How much does it cost the average employee to receive training to help them grow professionally? On average a worker in the US can spend upwards of $3,500 over the course of their work life to achieve certifications to advance their careers. 

To survive in the modern business world, you must keep moving and never stop (in other words, be a shark). Therefore, you must constantly upskill yourself. Career-wise, it will be beneficial.

Check out these six essential business certifications to maintain your career trajectory.


There has never been a greater demand for project management skills and the teams that carry them out. Professional Project Management (PMP) certification is the industry’s most respected qualification.

PMP’s popularity is partly due to the rigorous qualifications required to take the course. A high school diploma is the first requirement. Because this is the earliest certificate most people earn, it is likely to be lost. If your graduation was legitimate, you can use a replacement diploma during the application process.As an equivalent, an associate diploma can be used.

Additionally, you will need at least 7,500 hours of project management experience. It is possible for some institutions to accept a minimum of 4,500 hours of project management experience. Additionally, 35 hours of project management education are required.

Project Management Institute’s PMP exam consists of 200 questions, and it costs $555 for non-members. Every three years, you need to earn 60 professional development units to maintain your PMP certification.


Many businesses benefit from drawing in customers who are already interested in the products they sell. HubSpot’s inbound marketing training is an industry-leading certification because of inbound marketing’s compelling return on investment (ROI).

The course is completely free and available online through HubSpot’s digital academy. Certification requires two hours of video training and passing several quizzes scattered throughout the course. This certification can be complemented with other HubSpot courses. As a result, your resume looks more marketing-oriented.


People who seek to discover and develop solutions to problems should become Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP). CBAP certifications are run and validated by the International Institute of Business Analysis. A background in business analysis is generally required for this certification. As a business analyst, you should have a minimum of 7,500 hours of work experience in the field. Additionally, you must complete 35 hours of professional development. The next step is to obtain referrals from two industry professionals.

For CBAP certification, you must take a 3.5-hour exam. Within that time frame, you will have to answer 125 questions. The topics you’ll need to learn when seeking CBAP certification include strategic analysis, life cycle management, and solution evaluation.


Professional Certificate in Team Leadership, an internationally recognized course for leading others, is another leadership course.

You can learn various team leadership skills and positive communication techniques through this certification course. Additionally, you can learn how to manage change and effectively manage a team.

There are two ways to earn this business certification: either you can study at a Chartered Institute for IT training provider or you can gain it by self-study online. Neither a prerequisite nor a certification exam is necessary for completion of this program.


Salesforce has become a powerful tool for managing customer relationships. There are many companies that integrate Salesforce deeply into how they run. Salesforce experience is a common requirement when companies hire.

There are several business certifications offered by Salesforce ranging from information technology (IT) to marketing.

Having Salesforce Administrator certification is essential when dealing with data, users, and security. This certification also covers reporting and workflow creation.

Several Salesforce Developer certifications are available if you’re a software developer. This is essential for programmers and developers working on Lightning Platform applications.

CRM-driven marketing strategies can be created using Salesforce Marketer. Salesforce Marketer offers several certifications, just like Salesforce Developer.

One of the most important certifications associated with Salesforce is Salesforce Consultant. By achieving this certification, you demonstrate your ability to work well with customers. As a result, you can demonstrate your ability to help clients take advantage of the platform to its full potential.


Business operations are complemented by supply chain management. CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) business certification allows you to streamline processes more effectively.

If you wish to learn more about the CSCP, you can attend classes or use online training materials. You will need to sit for an exam that focuses on planning, execution, and design of supply chains.


Losing your business certificates is a common occurrence. It is also possible for your certificates to fade with time. It might happen at the most inopportune time for you.

ValidGrad can replace your business certifications in a matter of days rather than several weeks. You can count on us for all your certificate replacement needs.

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