Buy a College Degree Online

The question of whether or not you can buy a college degree online puzzles most students who couldn’t attend college but need a college degree. In the event that attending regular school is not an option for you because of time constraints or cost constraints, you can always purchase a bachelor’s degree online. This method… Continue reading Buy a College Degree Online

FAQs About the GED Exam

In the application process for colleges or jobs without a high school diploma, a Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED) can substitute for one. Getting a GED requires testing knowledge in many areas of education, which makes them a viable substitute. Almost every college and workplace in the USA accepts the GED as a qualification, which opens… Continue reading FAQs About the GED Exam

Get Your College Transcripts Fast

If you are considering returning to college to finish your degree, or perhaps even pursuing graduate school, getting college transcripts is essential. The transcripts from your college will be required for some jobs and additional schooling even if you have received your degree. The process of ordering college transcripts is relatively painless, no matter what… Continue reading Get Your College Transcripts Fast

The Truth About Phony Diplomas

Diplomas are among the most special things in life. The more diplomas you have, the more respect you earn from people around you and potential employers. Whether you studied for your ‘A’ in all your classes or just had fun, a diploma will help you remember your high school years. However, not everyone experiences high… Continue reading The Truth About Phony Diplomas