Six Tips for the Best Novelty College Transcript

Best college transcript

Here at ValidGrad, we get lots of questions about how to get a great college diploma, but buying a  novelty diploma is really only one piece of replicating a college graduation. You also need to look into a college transcript in order to prank any family or friends. This begs the question though, what information is included in a transcript and how can I make sure that I am ordering the best college transcript?

What Kind of Information Do You Find on a College Transcript?

College transcripts include basic information such as name and dates of attendance. The official transcript also includes the student’s name and identification number. Your major and degree type are also listed. Transfer coursework will also be listed. If the student earned honors, they will appear under the “honors” section. For graduate students, the degree’s title and designation is also listed, along with the number of credits earned.

Transcripts also contain scores from standardized tests. The SAT and PSAT are a few examples of tests students can find on a college transcript. There are two main types of degrees students earn at colleges: undergraduate and graduate. Choosing which courses to take can help them determine their career path.

A college transcript lists all classes taken and attended. It also lists the grades and the grade-point average for each class. The transcript may also include information about transfer credits and any periods of academic probation that the student has had. Finally, it will list other details about the student including their full name, date of birth, and student identification number. All of this information is crucial for completing a college degree.

There are two types of transcripts. An unofficial copy, which you can download from the Internet, lists most of the same information that the official copy will contain. The official copy, on the other hand, is certified by the college and comes on institutional stationery. The official copy is closed, which ensures accuracy. As such, it is more difficult to duplicate an official copy than an unofficial one.

Six things to ensure are included in the best college transcript:

  1. Personal information – When ordering a college transcript, you need to make sure that all personal information included is completely accurate to you. Things like full name, address and birthdate are standard on all college transcripts. Before completing the order process of your college transcript, double and triple check that all personal details are correct and spelled properly. Once you click submit on an online transcript site, you will not be able to make changes to the printing instructions of the document.
  2. School details – Alongside your own personal information, you will also find information regarding the school you attended on a legitimate transcript. Make sure to identify the correct information from your diploma, and include the name of the university as well as the address to achieve the best novelty college transcript results. 
  3. Student identification number – Each student at a university is issued an identification number to better track their progress throughout the years they attend that institution. This specific alpha numeric identifier is generally included on the transcript. In order to get the best transcript, you must first find out the format of identification numbers of the university you are using for your documents and then create a number for yourself. 
  4. Classes and grades – Perhaps the most important part of any transcript, and what most people will pay the most attention to, are the classes taken and the grades received for each course. It would be helpful to look through the course catalog of the school to identify which classes would need to be taken for the degree you are creating. You also need to list a grade for each course. If you are trying to make the best college transcript possible you may also want to include some dropped classes as most college students drop or change classes at least once during their academic career.
  5. GPA  – Once you have finalized all grades throughout college, make sure to accurately calculate your GPA to ensure a realistic transcript. If the final GPA, on a 4.0 scale, is not tabulated correctly this can be a big red flag to the validity of the document. 
  6. Degree earned – Also, real transcripts will identify the final degree earned and the date that this honor was conferred, so make sure to include that information at the bottom of the document near the final GPA.

By including all of the information listed above, you will be able to complete the illusion that you graduated from college to your family and friends. There are many options for ordering college transcripts available on the internet now, but paying close to the details on these documents can mean the difference between a poor imitation and the best college transcript.

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