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fake associates degree transcripts

Want to keep your friends guessing about your career path? Or maybe you’re looking to throw a little shade at someone who graduated from the same college as you? Either way, novelty degree transcripts can be the trick to helping you pull the wool over your contemporaries.

When you have a replica degree, you can use it as a novelty gift or a way to help others believe you’re a few notches above them. Either way, there are many practical uses for novelty associates degree transcripts, such as:

Degrees for Research

Novelty degrees are often used for research purposes. Whether you’re a student who needs to write about a person who has a higher level of education than you, or you’re just trying to understand scams by looking at the details, degrees can help.

Associate’s Degree Transctipt as Novelty Gifts

If you want to give a gift to someone who graduated from the same school as you, or even if you want to play a prank on your friend, novelty associates degree transcripts are the perfect thing. You can buy one for them or hand-make it yourself.

However, if you choose to make your own, be sure that the degree is in a field that’s easy to replicate. For example, a Bachelor of Arts in English is difficult and time-consuming, but getting an MBA is much easier.

Send a Message

Most people in this day and age have a diploma proudly hanging on the wall of their home. It’s one of those things that sets you apart—it means you’ve accomplished something, right? Well, when your friends or family see that little piece of paper, and you don’t have it, they might think less of you.

With a novelty associates degree transcript, you can keep them guessing about what you’re up to these days and make them feel bad for second-guessing your abilities.

Protect Identity

Novelty transcripts can protect your identity if you have a legitimate degree and don’t want anyone to know that you’ve switched careers. If your boss sees a transcript, they might think you went back to school. They may not even question why you have the degree in the first place.

Ready for Your Novelty Associates Degree Transcript?

ValidGrad lets you choose the replica degree of your choice. With ValidGrad’s authentic replica college degrees and more, you can use your novelty for a wide range of purposes.

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