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No, we are not talking about the time it took you to get a degree, literally. But stuff happens, and things get lost. The worst that can happen is to lose your diploma, paid off through hard work and multiple loans. What can you show your proud parents now?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back covered. Now, you can quickly get a perfect replica for your high school or college degree + a transcript. Be the proud students your relatives know you are and give them the chance to hang your work on the wall. All, for a tiny fraction of the price and time of doing it all over again.

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No Design Skills? No Problem!

Say goodbye to Photoshop or other editing software that takes way too much effort to give you the quality you deserve.
ValidGrad is a user-friendly online novelty diploma maker platform that provides replacement diplomas and transcripts, customizable for your college, degree, and even courses and grades. Simply pick out the template you desire, choose the text you want on top and who has signed it, and we will put the stamp on it*. Don’t worry; we’ll also calculate your GPA for you.


*All of our work is done within legal boundaries, so we cannot ensure 100% perfect replication of your university’s emblem or faculty signatures.

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Ships in 5-7 business days for non-priority or 2 business days with priority. USPS tracking information will be emailed directly to you.

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Choose from over 10 different templates and create the one that best fit your needs or submit a request for a custom diploma.

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Are you looking for diploma replacements online? We provide professionally made diploma replacements for any level of education – high school, GED, and college. We offer you the exclusive chance to personally customize your document and see the process of creating your replacement college degree.

We pride ourselves in our close attention to detail and promise an unmatchable quality, as close to the original diploma as we can get within legal boundaries. The process of creating your replacement degree online is straightforward – choose your degree of choice, fill in all the information, review it, and wait for us to send it to you via email and post. Simple as that.


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